Race Stats

OCTOBER 31 2010 ~ Lafayette Reservoir Run 10K  1:01:14 (my very first race)

FEBRUARY 6 2011 ~ Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Half Marathon  2:09:05

AUGUST 27 2011 ~ Giants Run Half Marathon San Francisco  2:05:57

NOVEMBER 24 2011 ~ Turkey Trot 10K  55:45 PR

DECEMBER 4 2011 ~ Las Vegas Rock & Roll Half Marathon 1:56:43

JANUARY 29 2012 ~ Super Spartan SoCal Race
 20 + obstacles over 9 miles of rugged terrain 2:56:57

MARCH 4 2012 ~ Napa Valley Marathon
(my 1st marathon! ran it with a strained calf5:05:37

JUNE 3 2012 ~ See Jane Run Half Marathon 2:03

JUNE 16 2012 ~ Camp Pendelton Muddiest Race in the World 10K (DNR) injured

SEPTEMBER 16 2012 ~ Giants Run-Half Marathon SF  2:00:06

DECEMBER 2 2012 ~ CIM California International Marathon 4:54:39

OCTOBER 6,  2013 ~ Urban Cow Half Marathon  154:33 PR



2 thoughts on “Race Stats

  1. Loved your recap of the Super Spartan @ Vail Lake. Very good and helpful info
    I am doing The Super Spartan @ Vail Lake on the 27th Sunday it looks like you signed up on Saturday the 26th.. I did a Spartan Sprint in Dec. and loved it. Are you staying in the area Sat night?
    I am doing the race with my son and my sister. We are at the Pechanga Resort Sat and Sun.
    Hope to see you there!!!! Good Luck!!

    1. Thank you!! Unfortunately I am not doing the Spartan Race this month, even though I did sign up. My friends are still doing it though. You will have a great time. It was so much fun!!
      Thanks for visiting my blog! Aroo!! Go Spartans!

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