I Dream of Running

I dream of running
and of a day when,
I am running steadily again.

To feel my body
working hard,
like the incredible machine
that it is meant to be.

To feel strong and invincible
as only running makes me feel,
like I can conquer the world.

I dream about every mile,
and with each mile I tackle with purpose,
it makes the things in life
that seem so insurmountable,
small and insignificant.

Running frees my brain,
easing the day-to-day junk
that sometimes
can bog a person down.

Miles on the road,
breathing hard, but not excessive.
Footfalls, one after the other,
steady succession leading to accomplishment.

I dream about running again.
Of feeling like the superhero person
that being a runner turns me into.
The person I long to be.

Powerful, important,
as if I have a purpose
on this earth.

I run to find
that certain peace of mind,
that only running has been able
to give me.

I miss my running.
It’s a part of me,
the fundamental part that says,
you are really worthy.
I want that back.


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