Wise Words From The Road

I was told yesterday by a wise individual, that in life, we can pretty much relate all situations to running. He had a great metaphor to running that related to something we were discussing. Damn if I can’t remember it precisely, but it was good and struck a cord with me. It got me to thinking… about what running has done for me and what it means to me. I don’t think everyone who runs feels this, but this person does, like I do… we see a correlation between running and, well… life.

When I started running, it filled a void in my life. It brought me back to life from the depths of despair and made me a stronger individual. It showed me who I am, and just what I am capable of, which turns out, is quite a lot-more than I ever thought. Running makes me a superhero version of myself. I read a quote somewhere that said something of that sort. There is also this great quote by George Lucas.

“The door to your cage is open. All you have to do is walk out… if you dare.”

How many of us are living in cages? I mean, it is scary out there right?

Being that it is still January and the New Year, I might as well tell you my new year’s resolutions. They are pretty simple, but I need to kinda repeat them to myself now and then. The first one is this:

1. Do the things that make ME happy.

This is something that I don’t always do. I tend to want to make others happy and forget about myself, which often tends to backfire, so I am being proactive about taking care of me–FIRST. Running is one of the things that makes me happy, and it’s something I haven’t been doing much of due to the PF. I am hoping that is going to change soon. That is another post. Another day. For now, I am walking, and that (even though I am still having pain) is making me happy. I also changed my hair recently, I’ve gone blonde, because I wanted a change (and I prepared myself for months for it) and that is making me happy. I love to travel and want to plan more escapes, so that is on my list… traveling sure makes me happy. So, you get it… do things to please yourself. They don’t all have to be big. Maybe try a new soap scent or something on a smaller scale.

sometimes change is good? you tell me...
sometimes change is good? you tell me…

The other resolution is:

2. Don’t be afraid of change.

Whew… that is a toughie. At least for me it is. But this year is going to be full of changes I’m afraid and I need to embrace them and not panic. I tend to like things that are familiar and easy. I don’t like surprises and I like having a plan. Sometimes you can’t always plan and I can roll with that, but in general, I live a much less stressed out existence by having a plan in place. I feel more in control, secure and that brings peace of mind. I think others can relate and I’m not alone in that kind of thinking. Geez, I hope I’m not.

Now and then, life throws you some zingers, and running usually is there to help even out the craziness. But when I’m not running, I can reflect back on what running has taught me in how I deal with certain ‘potholes’ if you will, in life. Sometimes you can’t side step them, avoiding them completely, and you have to run through them, head on. And yeah… you might get wet, or even muddy. But you will survive.

I guess this brings me back to PF (Plantar Fasciitis for those of you just tuning in) and not being afraid to get to the bottom of this ongoing pain. Which means, I guess I’m going to talk about it now. Hey, it’s run girl’s ramblings and I have the authority here to ramble.

Over the last month, I tried a few different things to fix my PF. I went to an acupuncturist, and was so hopeful he was going to heal my heel. He even said he has fixed hundreds of PF patients and claimed he could fix me in 2-3 visits. I wanted so badly for that to be true. But… unfortunately that didn’t work.

Then I saw the orthopedic doc I saw a year ago who referred me to get the cortisone shot, which now was what I wanted as if life depended on it. She said no, that I needed an MRI and if not that then to strengthen the rest of my body for the next 6 weeks and then see if my foot still hurts. That sure depressed me. And MRI is $$$ and my insurance isn’t the best. And wait another 6 weeks? No thanks. After a sleepless night, I decided to bite the bullet and get an MRI, after I get a new doctor and a second opinion.

Yesterday, a running buddy-the wise individual I mentioned at the beginning of this post-showed me his taping method for PF that he has been using. It’s top secret, so I can’t tell you at the moment how to do it, but I will say, it has certainly taken the bite off of the pain in my heel. I have worn it for over 24 hours now and I wore 4″+ heels to work today for 8 hours. I was certain my foot would hurt after sitting around during dinner and such, but oddly, it doesn’t. I also walked over 10 miles this past weekend, so you would think it would be sore from that. It was pretty sore, yesterday prior to my foot getting taped. I find this weird and fascinating all at once. Even more crazy is that for the first time in 12 weeks.. yes you read that right… 12 friggin’ weeks, I want to try running tomorrow. Crazy talk, I know. So, if I feel like this in the morning, I am going to do a walk / run on the treadmill and see how it feels. At this point, I don’t think I can do any more harm, and as a back up, I already have an appointment in play with a new foot doctor for the next day. I will get to the bottom of this. As Tom said to me last week (even though at the time I didn’t want to hear it or accept it, and when I was at a very low point with that doctor visit), he said… I need to tackle this foot issue as if I was tackling a marathon. Full throttle. I hate when he’s right. Which by the way is only 10% of the time, I’m right the other 90%. 😉

One thing I know, I am capable of getting through this low point, running has taught me that. That superhero version of me is waiting to fly again. So I will hold strong and work my way back down the road to running again, and solving life’s problems, one footfall at a time.


One thought on “Wise Words From The Road

  1. Good Resolutions! I can totally relate to the concept of Relating Life to Running… It’s been a way of life around here… and CHANGE is good… oh so good… It gives us a new perspective to look at things.. Better Days are ahead for you.. Stay Positive… Cheers

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