Gobble Gobble, Turkey Wobble

A few weeks back I thought I would be running a turkey trot today. But those plans have changed. I haven’t run in 4 weeks. I haven’t run since the half marathon. This is where my foot has been living the last few days, in the dreaded walking boot.

good times
good times

For the most part, I’m ok with this. I want my PF to get better. It is starting to get there. Unfortunately, not running is starting to take it’s toll. On my mind. In my butt. You get it.

So, there will be no turkey trot, no calorie burn to offset the holiday consumption. Instead I will just enjoy the holiday festivities to the best of my abilities and relax, knowing that in time, I will be able to run, and not hobble around as I am right now. That is when I will get back in shape and feel more “normal.” I hope it’s before Christmas. Please be before Christmas. Please.

Till then, I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving filled with yummy food, close family and much love. And yes, I am still going to eat these little birds I made.

sugar!! cookies
sugar!! cookies

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