The Party is Over

A little over two weeks ago I ran a half marathon. Since then, I have not run at all. I haven’t even worked out in any way, shape or form. On top of that, my plantar fasciitis (why do those sound like such dirty words?) has indeed flared up and I am patiently waiting for my foot to feel better. Not being able to run is never fun for me.

I’m not sure why I haven’t even worked out, but, I guess I needed a break. What’s most interesting, is that I haven’t even cared. In fact, I have been behaving badly in regards to keeping fit and healthy. I have been eating like crazy, as far as someone who typically watches everything she eats. Which usually isn’t too much. But, for some unknown reason, maybe a coping mechanism, I was like a freshman in college, away from home and letting loose, eating whatever I wanted. I should know better. Fortunately, my body likes to remind me pretty quickly that it does not condone to this type of behavior. So, here I am two weeks later, feeling a couple lb’s heavier (and not caring) and recovering from being sick the last two days from the overindulgence. The party is over girl!

With the PF still being a nag, I thought I’d ease back into this working out thing.

When getting motivated to work out, it’s always good to hook up with an old friend. In my case, that is Tony Horton. So, I finally popped his video into my Playstation (because all I have to play a DVD on is my son’s unused PS3. It does the job, if somewhat awkwardly, in the set up part.) Now, I didn’t go full throttle today. And I did not do the P90X program that Tom gave me earlier this year. I will… in a day or two… or three. I think. No, I decided not to go too crazy and just did a few of his Great Bodies 10 minute workouts. A few, would be two. The arms and ab routine. They are old favorites and after not lifting any weights for 5 months (yes, I’ve only been running) they were a nice way to start back up.

tony's ab routine is a gut buster!
tony’s ab routine is a gut buster!

Again, I’m not caring too much about all this at the moment. I know soon enough I will be back in over-doing-it workout mode, because that is how I roll. All in or not at all. Which is why the eating thing got out of control. I need to learn some balance. Some moderation. Then things wouldn’t get so squirrely. Maybe not doing 3 races in one month will equal no plantar fasciitis. Maybe eating a cookie or ice cream now and then will result in not bingeing. Interesting concepts for me to ponder as I struggle my way back to healthy runner girl. Will be tough given the holidays are right around the corner. Moderation… uh huh.

*on a side note, I am changing the look of my blog, yet again. It’s a work in progress, so it may change again. I’m hoping this motivates me to write more too.


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