Tiburon by the Bay Race Recap

For whatever reason, I wasn’t overly excited about this race, the Inaugural Tiburon by the Bay half marathon that took place this past Sunday, Nov. 3.

Initially I was, but as it got to be the weekend, I was unmoved. I think I was a little burned out (from racing two times in the past 3 weeks, 1 half and 1 -10K) and because I knew I wasn’t going to PR this race, that somehow made my race a bit less attractive to me.

And yet, I did want to run this race for other reasons. One, it is right in my backyard, practically. I live in a neighboring town and work in the very town it was held in, beautiful Tiburon CA. In fact, everyday this week I have been thinking of the race that started and ended just about 50 yards from where I sit in my office, at the Ark Newspaper (which covered the race, I might add.) There is something kinda cool about that and I just had to represent. Secondly, I have run all the parts (separately) of the 13.1 mile course many different times, so it would be fun to run a race like this. Part of the course covered the area I used to take my run club when I was working at Athleta last year. Lastly, since it was their first half event, I felt like I just had to do it as a local resident.

Tom also ran the race and even though we ran the Urban Cow half last month together (he did not register and just was there for me), we were not going to run this together. Though I did not write a race recap (and I’m not sure why, it was a great race!) here is a great photo finish of us. I love this pic.

we make a great team!
we make a great team!

Not running together was fine. I am happy we are running a race and have that experience to share. I saw him at the start and then I walked ahead because my brain didn’t want to stand behind the 2 hour pace guy and see that 2 hour sign, as if I was going to finish under that (I can dream), and I didn’t see Tom again. I didn’t even see him pass me. We were both focused on our own races. Which brings me to this great quote I read in an email this morning:

“The most important thing I learned (from running) is that there is only one runner in this race, and that is me.” ~ George Sheehan

It was cold but sunny and clear when we started. I saw GreenGirlRunning and Johan at the start, which was fun because they were standing right in front of me and I didn’t even notice!

After the first loop around the downtown area, I saw a photographer that works for my newspaper and called out his name. He tried to run to catch up and snapped a few photos of me.

crazy hair!
crazy hair!

I ran the first 5 miles on a very familiar bike path. Here is a pic of how beautiful it is. (from previous post)

views like this don't get much better!
views like this don’t get much better!

My plan was to take in a GU at the mile 5 and 10 water stations and I held on to that plan. I was a bit nervous about this race because there are a few steep hills in it and I have never run a race with hills. I have gone out of my way to avoid running those types of races. My goal for this race was not to PR, but to run the hills. No walking!

My co-worker took this photo of me just before the steepest climb. I was so grateful for her being at the bottom of that hill. Having support of friends on the course is huge for me. It really spurs me to do my best and it also just makes me feel good that someone cares!

rounding the corner before the big climb!
rounding the corner before the big climb!

The hills were hard. They were rather steep and there were a few who were walking at the top of the first big one. I’m proud of myself for not stopping and pushing through. It’s good to have goals, even small ones, because there is always a sense of accomplishment if you achieve them.

Once the hills section was done there was only about 2 miles left to run. This was a HUGE relief for me. I finally felt relaxed in the race. I knew I was over 2 hours as the pace guy was well ahead of me, but I knew I was under 2:10 as that guy hadn’t passed me yet. One other goal I kinda had was to at least break 2 hours. Somewhere along the way I gave up that notion. Now in hindsight, I wished I had pushed just a tad more. I might have accomplished that goal, but I didn’t.

About one mile from the finish a few things happened all at the same time. A dude ran past me with the worst BO ever. It was wafting after him and actually made me slow down just to put a gap between the stink and me. Then I saw my co-worker, who took the pic of me before the hill, up ahead to cheer me on as well as Tom heading toward me on the side of the path. I knew he was going to run in with me. It was so sweet of him to do that. I asked him how he did and he said pretty good. That was all he said. Then I turned my music back on and I think he was trying to tell me to pick up the pace but I said “I don’t care” and I didn’t. I just wanted to finish. My feet were killing me. I won’t show you what they looked like even though I have pics, but I will tell you, there were at least 10 blisters per foot. Ouch. Not to mention that since the Urban Cow half, my plantar fasciitis has been acting up. That’s all I have to say about that.

I crossed he finish at 2:01:56. Oh so close to my goal. I am quite happy with that time though. It was a tough course. And, my other goal was to have fun this time, which I did. It was the easiest race I’ve been to as far as being close by and familiar. I hope they do it again next year!

tom wrapped me in this and it did keep me warm!
tom wrapped me in this and it did keep me warm!

About 530 or so folks ran this race. I placed 204. That makes me pretty average. What’s much more exciting to report is that Tom finished 16th out of the entire field!! I am just so proud of him. That is just so amazing. He is a superstar in my book.

the tortoise and the hare
the tortoise (me) and the hare

Since the race 4 days ago, I have been really tired exhausted and I have not run once since. I am taking a break for one full week. I want my feet to mend, my PF to hopefully go away (fingers crossed), and I need to get some new shoes, again ((sigh)) that hopefully wont give me blisters so badly. Which is a shame because I REALLY do love my Hoka’s. Sad face. Maybe I just need to get a smaller size Hoka. Frankly, I’m at a loss on what to do about that. I just know that I never had blisters like this a few years ago. So why now?

One thing I do know, Tom and I are planning to do more races together of the same races. It was really fun and at the end of the day, that is all that matters.


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