A Quickie

Hello my faithful readers. I have been training for the past 11 weeks for the Urban Cow Half Marathon, which was today. I haven’t been talking too much about it and mostly because I haven’t had a lot of time to write on here. Work, kids and training plan doesn’t leave a whole lotta time/energy to write. You busy folks now how it is.

Of course today, I didn’t have my phone at the race, so pics are quite sparse.

What I’m most happy to report is that I finally broke through after two years of racing half’s and suffering on the sidelines with multiple injuries that I PR’d this race, by 2 minutes and 10 seconds! (1:54:33) It felt fantastic. I managed to run an average 8:45 pace the whole way! This is huge for me.

Although I seem to be in a haze right now about the whole thing. I almost feel like it was a dream that went by too fast. And not because I was running fast. It just kinda flew by. Too fast. Maybe after some real rest it will kick in.

At the end of the race, we received our very cool, chunky cow bell medals. They are really noisy when you are walking around, but fun.

clang clang clang
clang clang clang

Tom was great and paced me the entire race. It’s nice to have a support person and it always feels great to have one of the most important person’s in you life tell you they are proud of you. It’s something that should get said to people more often. It’s wonderful to hear.

A few stats from the race (yes, I’m proud of this):

  • I came in 25th of my old lady age group-45-49 (I only get one more year of that!) out of 245 superstars.
  • Out of 2045 female runners (all ages) I came in 210. That means I was in the top 10 % roughly. Big smile.
  • Out of the entire field of runners, men and women, I was 681st of 3253. Not bad.

The one thing this race did for me is make me hungry for more. I want to do more half marathons. And the good news is, I have one already in the books for one month from now. It’s good to be running/racing again.

For now, that’s it. Except, I told myself that if I PR’d this race, I could indulge in my favorite treat, gelato. And I love the gelato from this great little spot in St. Helena. It was a bit of a drive after a tired day, but so worth it.

happy camper
happy (but tired) camper

8 thoughts on “A Quickie

  1. Wow, great race. I was there too, but not racing. I was running with a friend who was running her first marathon so I went at her pace. I was using it as a long run. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I’m looking forward to possibly racing it next year. 🙂

      1. I’m planning on racing it next year. I’m training for the CIM. I will be running the Folsom Breakout Blues in a couple of weeks. It’s a half around Lake
        Natoma. What are your future racing plans?

        1. Nice!
          I’m doing a 10K in SF on 10.27 and then another local half in Tiburon on 11/3. Not expecting to PR that race, but you never know!
          Good luck in your coming races. I hope CIM is a fun time for you and not raining like last year!

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