Good Morning!

Really, I mean it. Good morning!

This has been my new thing when I’m running. I am just amazed at how many people I pass who never look my way or if they do never say anything. Is this a snobby Marin County thing? or is the rest of the country like that? I thought these Marin folks were supposed to be the nicest!

What ever  happened to this simple act of being kind and courteous. It just takes a second. So my latest mission when out running is to say Good Morning! to everyone I pass. Even if they are on a bike, or wearing headphones (I am!). I might refrain from saying it to some men, who I get a “creepy” factor from. Otherwise it’s on! And the passer-byers are always sort of surprised that I say that. They usually respond and even smile!

Think about how good it might make someone feel to have some human interaction that maybe they are not getting. Two Words. So simple. Try it sometime. See what happens.

Good Morning!

Today it was a good morning. I did my longest run yet since coming back two months ago. I ran 10 miles. I have no races planned and no real reason to run that far. I just wanted to. I slogged though the whole thing, but I did it. And I’m proud of myself for sticking it out when I could have walked multiple times. It took me 1:49:36. There were a few small hills, but I did them and walked a couple on the back side of the lake I ran to.

I had thought I would run this a tad faster, but I also felt like I was running with the weight of the world on my shoulders. That is pretty heavy. Funny how stuff in your head can slow your pace down considerably.

That’s all fine. I think most of that weight started to fall off after the 6th mile and chunks of it can be found scattered along the base of Phoenix Lake. WARNING: No one should pick it up. it’s toxic material. There was a lot of crazy talk going on and I’ll spare you the details, but closer to the end it quieted down.

Now my legs are spent, and the only real chore I have to do today is get my haircut. In my loopy state of mind, I am tempted to make a big change. But in the end I will probably do very little. I have waited so long for my hair to grow to this length, I hate to chop it off. But it needs some rescue.

That’s all I’ve got. Gonna keep pressing on and maybe even think about doing a race (a half) in the coming months. I have one in mind, but am not ready to publicly announce it.

Hope you are experiencing the beautiful weather we are here in sunny Northern Calif. It’s hot out there today! Stay cool!

Have an great weekend.


5 thoughts on “Good Morning!

  1. I do all kinds of things depending on the people I come upon while running: thumbs up, Happy Weekend, good morning, a wave, a ‘keep on rocking’ occasionally, etc. And when it looks like I’m going to get ignored, I at the very least do the head nod. I’m also shocked at how many people don’t respond in kind. There have only been 3-4 times total when I’ve been in pretty bad shape at the end of a super long or super fast run when I haven’t been able to get out a greeting in reply…and I felt bad afterwards…

    Congrats on getting back to double digits! Way to go.

    1. Thanks! It feels good to be able to run the double digits again. I think the runner’s high took a day to kick in but seems to be lasting longer. 🙂

      I think saying hi to someone while running is similar to responding to/and making blog comments. It’s the nice thing to do and makes us all feel connected. 🙂

  2. I always appreciate when people say hi or good morning to me while on a run. I went hiking last week and every hiker said hi. Hikers are nice! I have to admit I’m never the first to say it, maybe I will be now. You’re right, its a nice thing to do.

    1. It’s probably easier to think to say hello when hiking, as we runner’s know, it’s takes a bit more work to greet someone. I’ve been enjoying the salutations and plan on making it a habit. Maybe one day we will say hello when running. I’m thinking of doing the Urban Cow half in Sac in October. Have you done it?

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