Know Thy Self

Here we go. It has been a month an a half since I’ve blogged, so forgive the long post. I guess just like with running, sometimes we need a break. Believe me, I’ve had plenty to say, mostly thought of while I’m running, but I just really haven’t had the time or maybe even the inclination to write. Until now.

Hello again.

I can't see shit anymore... up close that is.
I can’t see shit anymore… up close that is, hence the readers on my noggin

If you go on FaceBook, then you may have seen the suggested “like” for Julian Bakery and their “Paleo” Breads. I have been somewhat intrigued by this bread. First off, let me say, I have a serious problem with the word “Paleo”. It just seems so ridiculous to me. But I get that it’s the latest fad, catch phrase, whatever. Got to keep society always looking for ‘the next best thing.’ Anyhow… I finally decided to try this stuff.

But first, I am going to go back to a few weeks ago. I was not eating especially well. That is to say, I was eating a vast number of foods that don’t agree with me. I  have known for about 4 years that there are just some foods that I am super sensitive to and just need to avoid. So much time had passed, that I kinda forgot this tidbit of info and stupidly indulged. These are not bad foods by any means. Just bad for me. The problem too, is that they taste sooo good. It’s a real bummer.

Over the course of one weekend, I ate, corn on the cob (twice), Kettle Corn popcorn (twice), broccoli, a nectarine and a 16 oz. Coke (fully loaded normal kind.) I have not had any of these foods in years! Man did all that stuff taste good! I also ate a good handful of nuts (almonds, pistachios, cashews). Plus an array of other foods which included frozen yogurt (another food I haven’t eaten in years until that week… which snowballed into wanting to find a good one. I tried 2 different places before I gave up.)

By Monday morning, an atomic bomb went off in my lower intestines. I was in glutton agony. This lasted for 4+ days and I barely ate during that time, waiting for all said bad food to move it’s way out of me, which it did, nine times in 48 hours, in normal fashion. TMI? Too bad. I was in severe pain and vowed right there and then to go back to eating boring bland foods.  Corn and any corn based food, is a major no no for me.

Gut issues are very interesting and I think what is good for one person, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good for everyone. For instance, I realize that fruits & veggies are good for me and they are tasty, but my tummy can’t tolerate large amounts of fiber, so I am restricted to eating the blandest of them all. I can eat asparagus, some lettuces, avocado, potato, banana, watermelon, cantaloupe and apples (I think, as long as I peel them). This is all I’ve been eating the last week practically. Plus meat, fish, and chicken. Even a little bacon! I love bacon!!!

this is the way my grandfather could tolorate fruit
this is the only way that my grandfather could tolerate fruit–skinned. i inherited his picky belly.

Leaky gut, IBS, my coworkers even thought I have Diverticulitis (because of my corn/nut sensitivities), whatever the issue is, I decided to start eating better. There are so many different ideas out there on what to eat. Every year, there is some new found miracle diet, new craze (coconut ‘everything’ comes to mind), that it can be quite confusing. This is why we need to Know Thy Self! And eat what is good for you!

Tom was just recently viewing The Virgin Diet, which I had seen a few months back. the authors take, is to eliminate 7 foods from your diet. Corn, Sugar, Dairy, Wheat, Eggs, Peanuts and Soy. This does make some sense. My gut feels 100 % better when I go gluten free, corn free, soy free and nut free. Given my belly issues, what is left to eat?? Almost nothing!

I don’t get the egg restriction, and I don’t think I have a problem with eggs (I’ve been eating them almost every day, and I don’t know if I can fully give up dairy and sugar, but I am going to try to reduce both. The sugar more than the dairy. For now.

egg on turkey bacon, on a GF waffle and some cottage cheese... yum!!
egg on turkey bacon, on a GF waffle and some cottage cheese… yum!!

All this stuff has prompted a trip to Whole Foods, because, that is where I can buy the “Paleo” bread. I went there this afternoon. I found the bread almost immediately and boy, my face fell in major disappointment. Every time I saw the advertisement for it on FB, I was thinking, wow, that is a big loaf of bread!  Awesome, right? And tons of people were raving about the stuff. Okay, I’m in, I’m in!

this is their advertisement pic I borrowed from their site
this is their advertisement pic I borrowed from their site

I was mostly hoping that it would just taste good… I couldn’t wait to try it and did so as soon as I got home. But first, check out just how small the package really is…

regular loaf of bread my kids love, and the puny loaf
regular loaf of bread my kids love, and the puny loaf

Advertising is always deceiving… just remember that!

low cal means you need to eat at least 2 slices!!
low cal means you need to eat at least 2 slices, but I ate only one!! The price tag is almost as big as the slice!

The bread smelled good. I got the coconut flour type because the almond one would not have agreed with my gut. It was also very much like a dense cake. I got a little excited and was dying to taste it! I popped it in the toaster for a light toasting and then took a bite.

Wait for it…

I bought some other items at Whole foods. Mostly because I keep seeing these ingredients popping up in recipes and figured it would be good to have them handy.

sea salt, raw honey and coconut oil
sea salt, raw honey and coconut oil
rice pasta
going to see if this takes care of my pasta craving

I am really glad I got that raw honey, b e c a u s e… that Paleo Bread tasted like…..
C-R-A-P!!!! Now I know why it has the name Paleo… because if this is the shit my great, great, great, great ancestors ate… well, no wonder they didn’t live past 30! This wasn’t the first time I’ve had GF bread. The one I have tried at Trader Joe’s that starts with a U, Udo, Uno… whatever it is, it tastes good. But to spend $9 a loaf (yes, go back up and look at the sticker on the Paleo slice photo) um… no thanks. Needless to say, I will be eating cardboard with raw honey this next week so I don’t feel like I wasted my money. Hmmm… maybe it will grow on me.


The raw honey was delicious!! 5 stars! I’ll have to use that some more. It’s not like regular honey, it is very solid, but spreadable.

I also picked up some Sweet Drops at my local market today. Sheesh, what has gotten into me today?? Figured that would be the best way to eliminate sugar from my diet. I mostly add it to tea.

it's ok... but not like my sweet friend, sugar. I am going to miss you tremendously. tear.
it’s ok… but not like my sweet friend, sugar. I am going to miss you tremendously. tear.

The only disappointing thing about these drops is that it says to refrigerate after opening. So I guess I can’t carry it around in my bag for when I’m out. Poo. That kinda defeats the purpose for me. It’s best when these items are handy. Now I will have to get another one I can keep at work, since that is where I drink the most tea.

I am also in love with rice again. It just is so yummy. I plan on getting a rice cooker soon. Last weekend at Tom’s house, which by the way was our one year anniversary (T–I love you so much!!) sorry everyone, just can’t help that, I’m just so happy and that was maybe the best year of my life!! Anyhow, he has this cookbook for athletes and I was flipping through it and still sort of nursing my sick tummy and low and behold… rice seemed to be in a number of recipes. I love rice and have not been eating it often, thinking it’s not so good for me. But now, I’m going to embrace it. I’ve been eating it everyday and plan to make some of the other recipes with it. I’ll be posting on that in the next week or so.

As far as my running… I’ve been steadily progressing. Last week, I ran a total of 29 miles even with my crummy gut. But I was bone tired at the end of the week. My latest goal is to run no less than 5 miles per run, 5 times a week. So far, everything is going well. I’m feeling good, especially my feet, and am happy to be back to running steady. My pace is around a 9:20 min mile and I’m cool with that. I am out to impress no one!

I also just got some new headphones, a birthday gift from my kiddos, that had to be reordered because they came in blue and I had requested them in my favorite color, orange. They finally came yesterday, a month and a half after the fact. I will test them out tomorrow morning on what I am calling my long run… 6 or 7 miles.

made especially for women... we'll see.
made especially for women… we’ll see.

Have a great rest of the weekend and thanks for reading.


3 thoughts on “Know Thy Self

  1. Hey M,
    I just saw this movie called Genetic Roulette about two months ago and it is really eye opening. After reading your blog today and how your body rejects corn and soy you might want to check this documentary out and do some research on GMO’s. It is good to be informed. I hope all is well. Keep running!

  2. JJ here. Just to want clarify your comment about eggs.

    I love eggs but as I mention in the book, 70% of people were reacting to them so we pull them in cycle 1 to heal the gut, then re-challenge in cycle 2.

    Once the gut has healed, you eat high quality pastured eggs, but you’ve got to let the inflammatory and antibody response go down first.

    1. Thank you for clarifying that! I am planning to buy the book to really be informed. I found myself extremely tired after cutting sugar from my diet yesterday and blew it by end of day I was craving it so bad. Was wondering, as a runner, I need sugar for energy/fuel. How does one do the 3 week detox and still have the energy to run 25+ miles a week?

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