I Am A Runner…

I can’t believe I haven’t posted in over 3 weeks, but the Boston Marathon tragedy made my small celebration seem so trivial. I just couldn’t post anything as I was so saddened by the whole thing.

Now that some time has passed, I am happy to report that… I am running again! (small applause!) I’ve been taking it real slow. I started out walking with one minute runs, until I built up to full miles. This past Sunday I did what is currently, my long run. I ran 5 miles!!! I only took one 1/4 mile walk break after 4 miles and I keep a decent average pace of 9:38 without feeling like I was working hard. It was a comfortable run.

The best part, is that I feel zero pain in my heel. It’s remarkable really. I went a whole year with foot pain, running and running and running. I am amazed that I put my body through that. Aw, if we could only go back in time… would we do things differently? I don’t know.

I still have a very cautious approach with my running. I am only going to run every other day and do the P90X on the off days. I am still seeing the chiropractor (Dr. W), who is a wonderful addition to my running regimin. Currently I go every 2 weeks. I went today and I always feel great walking out of there. Dr. W is still doing some Graston techniques on my feet and calfs, but not as intensly as before. He tells me every time that I have such a high pain tolerance. I must, as I ran all last year in it!! If anything, we are mostly now just working on getting my lower back to not hurt, which is the only pain I’m having. He also did some active release techniques on my abductor, which has been sore since starting running again.

For the most part though, I feel like a new person as opposed to the ogre I was the last 3 months with no running in my life. I missed the runner’s high. I missed the running. I am also loving my Hoka One One shoes. I am a huge fan! They are so comfy and I do feel like I am running fast in them. Fast for someone who hasn’t been running in three months. I am running as fast, if not a tad faster than I was prior to the time off. That makes me feel good.

Dr. W and I talked today about what sort of goals I might have now that I’m back running. I only have a couple.

1. Do a half marathon (this year?) and PR.

2. Work on strength and speed.

3. Strengthen my… um… butt glutes. A joke Dr. W and I have since I told him about an article I read called Dead Butt Syndrome, which is something I think I may have.

That’s about it for now. I just want to keep building my running miles and enjoy the fact that, once again… I am a runner!!


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