Hoka Ray!

My son passed by my bedroom today as I was lying there on the bed, feet hanging over the edge, in my new run shoes.  “Oh, you got new shoes,” he says. It was becoming a mini new shoe party in my room.

why do cats love to sit in boxes?
why do cats love to sit in boxes?

Then he said, “well, don’t go out and run 20 miles in them. You know you over do it.” I told him I won’t. I am not sure he fully believes me though. My oldest son is very sweet and he has been worried about me since I started wearing the walking boot a month ago. He was also with me when I got the cortisone shot, my moral support. He constantly tells me I work out too much. lol… hardly. No, really. Although Tom did agree with him that I over do it… sigh. I don’t think so. People do waaaay more than me.

Now, I’m not planning on running at all at the moment. I just got these shoes in preparation to run. And I’m not jumping the gun here. My doc told me the other day to start weaning my self off the boot. Hooray!! A few hours on, a few hours off. The first day (last Friday) it felt rather odd to have a regular shoe on my left foot.

The good news is, my foot is feeling pretty good. I haven’t had any plantar pain at all. Still, I don’t see myself running just yet. Admittedly, I’m scared! I would like to try walking in these groovy shoes I found and see how that makes my foot feel. If I can’t walk, I certainly can’t run.

So, the shoes. They are Hoka One One and relatively new. I have done tons of research on them and was searching for a shoe to provide comfort and support without compromising running style (forefoot strike/natural running). These seem like they will do that and every review I read the person said they loved them. I even found out my ultra running friend Andrew has started wearing them and he loves them too! So they have to be good… yes? What especially got me interested and excited about them is that most people who have had chronic injury, plantars, knee issues, etc, have said that they thought they would never be able to run again until they tried this shoe. Let’s face it, it’s not the most attractive shoe out there. But they are supposed to reduce the beating on the body running does to us runners. Reviewers have said they make running fun, and they have very little soreness, if any, after running long in these.

something ed munster would wear?
something ed munster would wear?

They look like they pack some serious shoe weight with those 2 inch high heels. But in reality they don’t. These babies are about 11.3 oz. I went up a half size in them. Secretly, I like the idea of being up higher. Did you know I miss wearing my regular high heels? I’m sure I’ve whined about it recently.

I got the Bondi B shoes because they are for primarily road runners. You can still run trails on them, but I am a road runner (beep beep) so… these are for me. I did try on the Stinson Evo and liked them too, but they were a little less snug and I liked the fit of these better.

All I’ve done in them so far is wear them around the house, we are going on a couple hours here. So I can’t say yeah or neigh about them truly. I will in time, you can bet on that. I don’t even think I will walk in them much except from car to office etc, in the coming days. I kinda want to see Dr. Chiropractor C. W. and get that official OK. I am seeing him on Wednesday. I can wait till then. Heck, I’ve not run now for 10 full weeks! 10 Weeks! sigh. I’m sure I can go a few more days to get the go ahead to walk. And if that goes well, and I don’t feel any, not any, plantar fasciitis pain… then I will start, very slowly learning to run again. In my Ed Munster shoes. Which, I plan on wearing to work all week, even though I have a desk job. I’ll still be rotating the walking boot with this shoe every two or so hours until I talk to C. W. this week.

Look… even my cat loves them already!

nubby soles and long laces for kitty to attack!
nubby soles and long laces for kitty to attack! it’s been a while for her too.

12 thoughts on “Hoka Ray!

  1. lol Okay looks like you’ve already found the Hokas! I just now saw this post. lol 🙂 These are the same ones I have, except mine are red. They are AWESOME!! I also bought a pair of super feet (purple) arch supports at my local running store to put in mine for even more arch support because of the PF, and also because I have really high arches. They feel AMAZING! 🙂 Good luck with your new shoes and your running! 🙂

  2. OK, awaiting the review on the Hoka shoes. And if you want to sell any of the others that haven’t worked out for you, I am happy to help you make room in your closet for more. Crossing my fingers and toes for you M.

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