Drumroll Please… !

Last night I tried the P90X Yoga video. When it started I was shocked to see that it was an hour and a half long workout. I’ve never been a big fan of yoga. Mostly because it is physically hard for me. I have very little flexibility. I’m strong, just not limber. Which is why yoga is probably good for me. Still, I don’t like it. I did the first 20 minutes, was worried that I was putting too much pressure on my foot, skipped forward to the seated portion and finished for a total of about 50 minutes. It was still a challenging workout. Maybe I will embrace it when I am able to flex my foot around more. I did feel some mental clarity.

But obviously, I am still not aligning with the universe. ((sigh))

Today I met with a running friend, Maili, author of Green Girl Running, and we had a lovely visit / coffee date. It was great to catch up and talk shop. She is an amazing runner and you should check out her blog!!

We said our goodbyes an hour later as I had to dash off to work, and I walked limped to my car only to find I’ve been victim to a hit and run. Maili and I had just been talking about how the people in this world can be so cruel and uncaring. No note. No nothing. People amaze me. It’s depressing.

not pretty
not pretty, and $$$ (out of MY pocket!)

Just one more thing to add to the list of mishaps I suppose. Maybe I should do yoga again tonight. And embrace the OM’s at the end that made me laugh last night.

In other news… I did find a new PT (and closer to home). I have an appointment next week.

What would you do? Leave a note, or hope no one saw and scadattle? I would leave a note. But… that’s me.


5 thoughts on “Drumroll Please… !

  1. This has happened to us twice in the same parking lot, two different cars. No notes left. Very sad. Yes, I would leave a note. Sorry this happened to you.

  2. It still amazes me how many times I hear about people being the victims of hit & run accidents like that. How hard would it be to leave a note? I think most people are understanding..accidents happen, fess up, take care of the damage and you’re fine.

    I accidently clipped this car trying to get out of a small space once, I felt so awful and I left this long note with all my contact information and that I’d obviously cover all damage and to give me a call. The person called me back and was just so appreciative of me leaving a note that he was like ‘it’s just a ding, I’m not even worried about it.’

    And after my long ramble (haha)…I hope you find out who did this! It’s the rudeness of the whole situation that really gets to me.

  3. Oh those non-limber former skaters. I’m one of those too. My wife makes fun of me all the time because I can’t even touch my toes…

    As for the car, urg. Hope the stakeout works!!

  4. I’d leave a note. Their karma now…. Sorry. (btw- It was a back up… white paint/car- black tire. Looks like a large sort of a vehicle/SUV-ish… maybe a Rover… but, thinking more GMC-buran… Also, their car has a red ‘smoosh’ on it…They probably frequent the coffee shop/area often… and could do a stake-out. Enlist some friends… all undercover of course. Scope the site tomorrow, there could be some surveilance camera’s capturing the crime. Just saying. 🙂

    1. Yes. The policeman said the same thing tonight. Said they would stake out the coffee shop tomorrow as well around the time of the incident. I love our local officers! There is also a bank next door with video, but he said the view was limited.

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