The Latest Scoop

God, I wish it was an ice cream scoop… (like chocolate gelato or haagen daz carmel cone) but I’ve actually not eaten a spec of junk food for over 2 weeks!! Good for me… I guess. I think it’s made me a bit moody.

gelato is my favorite!

I got my cortisone shot last Thursday morning. I had to travel to San Francisco to a doctor my latest foot doctor recommended. She had told me the shot would hurt (and recommended taking a couple Vicodin beforehand), so two days before my visit, I asked for a Vicodin prescription because I was really nervous about the pain involved. This fear was based on all the things I have read online saying it is one painful shot.

big needle!!
big needle!!

My son accompanied me to the apportionment, mostly incase I needed him to drive me home.

I met the doctor and so far I have liked her the best of the foot doctors I have seen. She told me my fascia was very tight and of course… recommended orthotics. She said I would only have to wear them running-that seemed… acceptable. I told her about my Newton shoes… she said they were a bad shoe for me. That totally contradicts what the ART specialist told me I should run in. All these doctors have left me in a bundle of confusion-they all recommend something opposite the other. I seriously don’t know what shoes I should wear now. I do think I may have to wear orthotics for running, but am still not convinced.

Anyhow… she sprayed my foot with numbing spray and gave me the shot.

see the dot by my heel?
see the dot by my heel?

I was relieved to know that the shot was not going in the bottom of my foot, but on the side of my heel. Somehow that seemed like it’d be less painful. It didn’t really hurt, the shot, just a tad at the end (I was doing some deep breathing, but, maybe that was the Vicodin woking too.) I left the office thinking… all those folks that wrote about their cortisone shot for their plantar fasciitis are a bunch of wimps!! That didn’t really hurt.

I drove home. I felt fine. Again… maybe it was the Vicodin.

I was on my way to work an hour and a half later when I noticed my foot not feeling so good. By the time I got to my office and sat at my desk, I could hardly stand on that foot. The pain was just excruciating! Thankfully I have a desk job and work with cool folks who wouldn’t let me get up. When I did try to stand, I thought… oh no, I am gonna need some crutches here. Seriously. Could not stand on my foot. Ah-ha!! This must be what everyone meant when they said this shot was painful. They weren’t kidding. I had also heard that the pain could last up to 72 hours!! Gulp.

I went about my daily business, work, pick up kids, etc. I had my walking boot on. When I got home I was just exhausted and apparently drugged up as Tom thought. Loopy is how he described me. Maybe I was, but I felt fine. That night was not a good night for me. I was in a lot of pain, feeling like I will never run again and basically went to bed.  I only lasted a couple hours before the dull repetitive ache kept me awake with it’s non stop beating. I finally got up around 1:30 and took another Vicodin. I don’t even think it helped.

Oddly, just over 24 hours after the onset of the pain, it sort of disappeared. And I felt really good.

I did some research and found a new chiropractor who could do ART, Gastron Technique and all the other typical PT stuff. He also took medical insurance, which was a plus! I made an appointment for Monday (today) and was really excited to be on the road to recovery.

Fast forward to today (Monday). I get to my appointment which was about a 20 minute drive from my home. I find the office and WTH? The doors are locked and no one is answering and I can see through the window, that the office is dark and empty. ok… it’s more like WTF? I tried to call, no answer. I hung out about 20 minutes ( I wasn’t the only disgruntled client) then called again leaving a message that I showed up on time for my appointment and that them not being there was not a good start to a working relationship. I asked them to call me back, but here it is 6 hours later and no call. Hence, I am now looking again for a PT that does ART, Gastron, and takes insurance. I may have found one, a little closer to home too.

What a waste of my morning. I skipped my workout and wasted an hour driving back and forth. Life seems to be filled with disappointments lately.

On the flip side, I came into work today and everyone commented that I am walking better. I actually don’t even feel like wearing the walking boot now-my foot feels good!, as the cortisone doctor said I probably wouldn’t need it in a week. But I still have this massive fear that if I don’t wear it for at least the full amount of time until my next appointment (in just over 2 weeks) with the doctor who gave it to me, I might revert back to the PF problem. And that is the last thing I want right now.

Not having run for over 2 months now has certainly taken it’s toll.


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