Weekend Warrior Control Freak

I have been told that I am a little bit of a control freak. I think it’s more the ‘I think I can do it better so I might as well do it myself’ type of mentality. That is probably a character flaw, but it only happens when I get some sort of services done, like hair stuff, or when I’m at the grocery store and I have to bag my own groceries because I know I do a better and more efficient job. Cold stuff all in one bag, I mean, how hard is that? Anyhow…

I wish I could say I was a running weekend warrior, but I can’t. Since we are on the subject of running, to clarify my last post (Dare I say it?)… apparently, I dared say it too soon. What had happened was, I had zero pain in my heel, for the first time in so long, I can’t remember. So in my excitement, I thought maybe it was all better. But no. 24 hours later the pain resumed and I had the same ol’ pain all weekend. Doesn’t matter really, because I am seeing a new doc, an orthopedic surgeon this Wednesday, referred by the ART doc I was seeing–she thinks I should be better by now. I do think my last session with her is why my foot felt so much better the next night, but I had a feeling it wasn’t going to last.

I am a weekend warrior though in the DIY (do-it-yourself) category. I guess when you can’t go for a run, you find interesting ways to cope. On Saturday I did my P90X, a new one, the Core Synergistic dvd. I really liked it. Then I made this tasty breakfast, three separate times. First for me. Then my oldest (18) smelled something yummy and emerged from his cave and I made him one. Then when my youngest (16) finally woke up around noon I made him one. The oldest liked it so much he asked me if I would make it for him tomorrow morning. Which is perfect, because I want it again too (yes, I know he is capable of doing it himself and I did show him how on Saturday, but boys love when their mama makes them meals. I remind them how lucky they are.) Thanks to Tom for turning me on to turkey bacon. I LOVE regular bacon, but am trying to eat healthy.

One egg, one slice turkey bacon and one muffin (fat free).

After the yummy triple breakfast fest I decided to color my roots. Yeah, I’m old and have a few grays, so… well, you know… time to fix that! I am tired of going to get my hair done for ridiculous amounts of money, so I had a box of medium brown color lying around from about a year ago and figured I’d use it. It came out pretty good, but I did loose some of the highlights I was trying to tone down a bit (because I didn’t like the way the stylist did them 5 weeks ago, or the time before that at Thanksgiving.)

this is a good brand

this is a good brand

With the new darker hair, I set off to make oatmeal cookies with cinnamon chips for a dinner party Tom and I went to that night. They were so tasty good.

these are tom's favorite

these are tom’s favorite–they are buttery delicious!

I was trying to be real good with my eating Saturday, with the impending dinner party, so I tested out the new Blender Bottle I bought to see how it makes a protein drink. I threw in protein powder, fat free milk and Nutella, then… shake, shake, shake. It reminded me of the Shake Weight commercials, something my oldest and I laughed about after as we watched a few parody YouTube videos like this one.

It was just okay. Low cal and full of protein. It satisfied me, I guess.

I wasn’t finished with my hair, so I ran out that afternoon before the dinner and bought a highlighting kit. I have been on a mission to have those ‘Ombre’ type highlights, the ones that are down at the bottom of your hair. Every time I ask the stylist to do them I’m never satisfied. So what is a control freak like me to do, but to do it myself! Right?

Sunday morning, just slightly hungover from the amazing BBQ’d prime rib and too much wine dinner, I set about doing the highlights. Here are my results.

I am pretty happy with the results. I love the variation of colors.

Now Tom thinks I should think about becoming a hair stylist. I do kinda like doing that stuff, and I would make more money than I do now. Maybe.

I think it is a little difficult to do highlights to yourself, because I gathered more hair than I needed, so I might fiddle with them the next time. But, for a first timer, I am thrilled with the results. Plus,  I am so happy that I saved a few hundred dollars. I think I did as good a job as the stylists have done to me. Best of all, I can always redo it if I get sick of it…

Control freak or whatever, do it yourself is the way to go!


6 thoughts on “Weekend Warrior Control Freak

  1. I love the low lights in your hair! Looks so pretty. That’s amazing that you did that on your own. I can barely blow dry my own hair to an acceptable level haha.
    I’m definitely a control freak too – it drives my husband mad. I over-instruct him on stuff to the point he says I should just do it myself…whoops. He’s probably right though.

    • Ha! Yes, we have to be careful with our men. I’ve learned to just bite my tongue and let them do it, with no complaints. Otherwise I get stuck and I have enough to do!!
      Thanks for the compliment. It was not so hard to do. It’s all about having the proper tools. I long ago bought a salon cape (at a local drug store), and I just get everything lined up and take my time. I did do a color test with a cut off piece of hair in the highlighter creme beforehand, just to see how long so it doesn’t get too blonde. You do have to be careful with overall color. I got mine too dark a few years ago and once it gets black, it’s impossible to lighten it without highlights or going to the salon. I learned that the hard ($$$) way.

  2. Haha, I enjoyed this post, TY!

  3. I’m the same with the cold stuff together in one bag! And I hate when they put things like eggs under heavy stuff… duh! 🙂 Hope the new doc can help your pain!

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