Dare I Say It?

At the risk of being premature, or worse yet jinxing myself, I dare not!

But I will give you a hint… something has happened that would make me extrememly happy!

Can you guess what that might be?

I want to explode, I’m so excited. But I also feel like I might be jumping the gun.

That’s all I have to say about that for now.

fingers are double crossed!
my fingers are super double crossed!

And now a word about…

Last Monday I started the P90X program. Of course, I am not doing it die-hard-style: every single day. That’s mostly because it is harder than it seems, and I have been sore this first week. The leg/back workout had me sore for days! So far, I have done these out of the 12-1 hour long workouts: Back/Shoulders, Legs/Back, Arms/Shoulders, and the best of them all, the Ab Ripper X (2 times)! Ab Ripper X (15 mins) is soooo good, that it’s on every single disc at the end of the first workout and on one of it’s own. Even though Tony Horton, a talented motivator, tells you not to do it every day, the Ripper X says ‘hello’ to you after your workout, so you feel tempted. I am. Tony also says, “don’t be a hero.” I love that. Because we all want to be-we all overdo it. I do, which is probably why I am so sore this week. It’s been days since I did one and my upper back and legs are still sore! So I am trying not to be a hero!

back and shoulders dvd
back and shoulders dvd

I had to remind myself today when I rode the stationary bike (2nd day in a row, after 18 days off it) to not be a hero. Still I worked until I hit the 500 cal. burned mark. This is because I usually burn that many calories (or more) almost daily when I’m running, and since I’m not running now for what’s been 6 full weeks, gulp, my body has put on a few pounds and that is not cool. It’s difficult when you can’t do your usual workout and still want to eat your usual foods. I mean, that’s halfway why I run, to be able to eat what I want! That eating method doesn’t work so well when you’re injured and not running.

takes so much longer on the bike to burn what i do running...
takes so much longer on the bike to burn what i do running…

Back to P90X, I really, really like it. As Tony says, it’s weight lifting 101. No bells or whistles. No complicated moves. No stupid music. Just basic weight training, the old fashioned way.

i already have all the equipment... weights!
i already have all the equipment… weights!

I’m pretty excited too that I’m finally using the pull up bar I bought a year ago for the couple weeks I tried pull ups before Spartan Race. Pull ups are really hard-for me. I have to use a chair underneath for assistance, which they recommend on the dvd’s. Even with this handicap, my shoulders are still sore!

The Ab Ripper X is great. Although I have done other Tony Horton Ab workouts before, this one is tough. It’s 349 Ab moves in about 15 mins. The first few sets are tough for me and almost physically impossible for me to do. I have really weak hips and am not very flexible. It hurts a lot to do the first few moves. I think my Abs could handle the workout if my hips could–it’s very painful. At least, the second time I did a little bit more than the first. Overall, it’s a good mix of different Ab workouts.

when i was little, my hips were turned out and i had to wear those corrective shoes
when i was little, my hips were turned out or something and i had to wear those corrective shoes to fix it. not sure it worked!! lol

I will probably do P90X along with running, once I start running… again, soon, I hope. Very soon. Hint, Hint.

Have you done P90x? Did you like it?

Have you figured out my excitement?

Have a great weekend! I’m going to!


2 thoughts on “Dare I Say It?

    1. That is so nice! Unfortunately, I think I spoke to soon. Foot pain came right back 24 hours later. Boo. I’m seeing a new doc this Wed., so maybe I will find some relief soon. Thanks for the support!!

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