Pancakes With a Side of Spiders

This morning I woke up to a blood spot on my eyeball. Not sure what happened in my sleep, but it’s not a very pretty sight. I don’t know how it happened during my sleep, I mean, I hadn’t even done the P90x routine in a couple days, so how did I strain my eyeball…? until today (more on that tomorrow).

blood shot and i wasn't even drinking last night!
blood shot and i wasn’t even drinking last night! my eye is so red around it, you’d think someone hit me.

Yesterday one of my favorite blogs, The Cookie ChRUNicles, wrote about a 2-ingredient pancake, that she saw on another blog. I was intrigued and so decided to make them today. I couldn’t remember exactly how she made them, but with 2 ingredients, it was pretty simple. Banana and eggs. Those are always a staple in my home.

When I got to the fruit bowl, this is what I encountered. Eeek!

hiding out waiting for the surprise attack
hiding out beneath the sweet potato waiting for the surprise attack. click image for a close up!

I am deathly afraid of spiders. This not-so-little guy is a good indication to the fact that spring is upon us and thus, the spiders are starting to appear in droves! This one illicited a number of squemish squeals and cries before I was able to use a long instrument to push a lemon over it and squish it. No way my hands were getting near that thing.

no threat now!
no threat now!

After the spider drama I was able to take a few breaths, brush away the ghost feeling of spiders crawling on my body and create the pancakes. I used a nice ripe banana and two eggs. That’s it!

I pulled out the long griddle I recently acquired for free (and never been used at that), heated it up and poured out the loose pancake batter in small amounts. I realize now after visiting Cookies blog that she just poured it all into one pan. Probably easier. But this way I was able to make a big stack! Which feels like you are getting more!! Bonus.

I don’t think the pan was hot enough for the first wave of batter.

i'm not so skilled at perfect circles
i’m not so skilled at perfect circles

I tasted them before I started the second batch. They were really sweet. I decided too sweet, even for this sugar addict! So I pulled out some peanut butter and spread just the smallest amount over each one (maybe about 2 teaspoons total for the entire batch.) This made them taste delicious! Banana and peanut butter is always a winning combination. The second batch were cooked a bit hotter and got a nice burned brown color to them.

first batch
first batch
with peanut butter
with peanut butter

I think I will also follow Cookies tip of using egg whites instead of whole eggs. The fat content is a bit high. But overall, the nutrient facts are not that bad. There is a fair amount of protein and the saturated fat is low.

from a weight loss app
from a weight loss app – lose it!

I was pretty happy and satisfied with this breakfast. I will definitely make them again!!

a plate full of yum!
a plate full of yum!

3 thoughts on “Pancakes With a Side of Spiders

  1. May I please say I am honored you called me one of your favorites – thank you, that makes me so happy! Your pancakes came out great if you ask me, I always say there is no right or real wrong way. If you go to Tina’s page at CarrotsnCake she does give great examples of exactly how she does it. I made one for my son the other morning with just one egg and half a banana that worked great and I have been making the pancake for myself for lunch the past few days using 1 egg, 2 whites and half banana which works very well too! I have become an excellent flipper as well!

  2. Nice. Spider 0. Michelle 1.

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