It’s Love!

It’s love, it’s love,
well, who would have thought it?

If this is love, 
then why have I fought it?

It’s love at last,
I’ve something to cheer for

It’s love at last
I’ve learned what we’re here for

I’ve heard it said, “You’ll know it when you see it
“Well I see it’s, I know it… it’s love!!!

In the midst of not wearing anything but flat, comfortable sensible shoes as I let my plantar fasciitis heal… I went on a small spending spree and bought something you’d least expect: high-heeled shoes! That’s right.

sexy heels!
sexy heels!

Not one…

i can't say i won't wear these this weekend...
i can’t say i won’t wear these this weekend… plus they’re not as high as they look! the beauty of platform shoes is they make you taller without the pain.

Not two…

perfect for the office!
perfect for the office!

But, three new pairs.

Aren’t they just beautiful? I just love high-heeled shoes! I can’t wait to wear them. I am so sick of wearing flats. I don’t know what it is, but wearing high heels just makes me feel… sexier! (and taller of course!) I love them! I don’t know why I wanted these shoes when I know I can’t wear them (yet), but I was so drawn to them, I just had to indulge! I know it when I see it!

The best part is… these 3 pairs of shoes only cost me just under $150. A total bargain.

This PF better go away soon… I have some strutting to do!


4 thoughts on “It’s Love!

  1. Those shoes are all beautiful! I have never been too bothered about pretty shoes. I’m recovering from a broken foot and can only wear flat, sensible shoes at the moment though and really want to wear some high heels. I hope you get to wear them soon.

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