Just One Cube Away…

From no more pain. Okay… not exactly.

This morning I visited Dr. B, the Active Release Therapist, to have her work on my plantar fasciitis problem. I was actually surprised how much it DID NOT HURT while she applied pressure and worked on it. That was promising. Especially after yesterday when I broke down and figured I could ride my trainer for 35 minutes. It later hurt. But maybe the reason lays here:

fashionable flats = pain
fashionable flats = pain

My foot didn’t feel so bad until I started walking around in these flat flip flops, which were appropriate since we were going to the beach. Tom says I shouldn’t wear them anymore. Or any shoes that make my foot hurt after I wear them. Soon, I may be walking barefoot…

Dr. B also recommended I visit her just a couple more times. This also insinuated that I would be better after that. Also promising. She didn’t really want me to do too much therapy myself. She just said to stretch my calf a little. Not a ton. Just a little. She also wants me to stretch my hamstrings, which are really tight. In addition to working on my foot, she adjusted my lower back: L 5. My back hurts A LOT when I walk a mile or more. It doesn’t hurt like that when I run, which is peculiar. Most importantly, she said to ice the bottom of my foot in the painful area, with one ice cube “after I run.” I liked that part. It felt like she was giving me permission to run. But I’m not going to. Not yet. I will ice it though, now, and when I do start running again. Just to be safe.

I did the single ice cube method tonight and it felt pretty good, and was easier than pulling out an ice pack or frozen water bottle.

i love these newtons!
i love these newtons!

She also advised, as she did a year ago, that I try running in Newton shoes. I did try that last summer and love, love, love those shoes, but I’ve been afraid to run in them after I strained my calf at the beginning of a run. I don’t think it had a thing to do with the shoes… my calf was about to give out after running on that injury for too long. I will give the Newtons another chance when I start running again in a few weeks.

Tonight, I’m feeling hopeful.


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