Here I Go Again

Last week I didn’t run for 5 days. I didn’t run because I have plantar faciitis burdening my left foot. It hurts. A LOT. It flared up again a few weeks ago, after I tried out my new Zoot Tt Trail shoes. I even went so far as to run in them without socks like the company suggests. That didn’t seem to be a problem for me. That is until I was done running in them and later in the day had some heel pain. I also wasn’t wearing my insoles. Still, I pressed on, continuing to wear them and run trails. I am normally a pavement runner, but lately have been invited to run on some pretty beautiful trails in the area. Naturally this did not help my planters.

This past weekend I ran two days in a row. The first day, on my treadmill. Just 4 miles nice and easy. This run did wonders for my psyche which was in D-I-R-E need of a run. I felt great… mentally. My foot… not so. The next morning I was meeting my run group for a run, up to 7 miles. I arrived on time… 8:30 am sharp… um… just 24 hours too soon… DOH!! (as Homer would say.) That is the second time I’ve messed up a run date with this group. I think it’s because the last two meet ups I attended were on Saturday and this one was scheduled for Sunday and I assumed it was for Saturday. Oh well… I still ran. Alone. It was a beautiful day and that made it easier considering I didn’t have my music. I even kept a decent pace the whole time ranging in the low 9’s to 9:30 pace.

there's a reason this area is one of the most pricy in the nation...
there’s a reason this area-Tiburon- is one of the most pricy in the nation… gorgeous views!!!

The odd thing about plantar fasciitis is that hurts initially when you start to run. But then, about a quarter mile in, the pain goes away and you are fooled into thinking it’s not that bad. Uh huh…

Later that Saturday I went sailing with my sweetie, Tom, and was off my feet for most of the afternoon. It was an awesome sail, the best one yet. We saw a whale inside of the Golden Gate Bridge and at least 50 porpoises and seals. We sailed way out the Gate, the first time I had been out there, all the way past the lighthouse. There was some killer surf hitting the cliffs.

the sf bay and golden gate bridge--a gorgeous day on the bay!!
the sf bay and golden gate bridge–a stellar day on the bay!!

By nighttime, my foot was killing me. I could barely walk on it. Tom gave me a lovely foot massage that night– the 3rd one in a week. It definitely helps (and feels soooo good!), but I’m certainly not healed. Or heeled. At the risk of having him get mad at me for continuing to run with this now chronic condition (on and off for a year now!) I’m going to listen to him once again and take some time off of running, which I can’t stand doing. I mean… this really sucks. Big time! I just did this about 7 months ago. Granted, then my calf was plaguing me, and yes, it is all better, but I haven’t found any exercise that gives my psyche that relief it seeks like a good run does. Plus, I don’t want to start from scratch again. UGH!

And those new Zoot Trail shoes… returning them. I still really like the other Zoots I’m running in, so at least that is good. I ran the last marathon in them and had no plantar pain.

Normally I try to wear this clunky brace to sleep in.

plantar fasciitis brace over a compression sleeve taken earlier in the year
plantar fasciitis brace over a compression sleeve taken earlier in the year

But an hour or two in I always wake up and rip it off, it is soooo uncomfortable.

Two nights ago I decided to try a different method to help reduce the plantar fasciitis pain. I applied KT tape. It was so much more comfortable!! It was as if I didn’t have anything on! I slept the whole night.

When I applied it, I followed the instructions from KT Tape’s youtube video. It works great… until you take a shower. Then the edges start to unstick and eventually it comes off. That is their basic tape. If you don’t plan on bathing or you like to reapply this stuff everyday… these are for you.

Since I like to bathe and am lazy, I went out and bought the waterproof tape (in orange of course–my fav color!).

I slept in the orange ones the next night. So far they have lasted through two workouts (two bike and 1/2 workout video) and two showers so far with only a small corner coming loose in the shower. I was able to get it to re-adhere when I dried off. I only wish I had applied it a little tighter/better than I did. The application I did the first night was better I think.

I was also happy when I got up the next morning and didn’t have any heel pain like I was having in the morning. I would have jumped for joy, but that would have hurt. Instead I did a silent happy dance in my head. The biggest complaint about having plantar fasciitis is that when you have been sedentary for a while (like asleep all night), that when you first step on that foot (like first thing in the morning), the pain is at it’s worst–very painful. It usually subsides after you move around for a bit.

But not now! I’m sure the fact that I haven’t run since Saturday (almost 6 full days now) is a huge factor is the reduction of pain. Either way, I’m going to continue to wear the tape, stretch my arch and calf and ice. I’m hoping that in a few weeks I’ll be back to running and back to my normal self. I can’t stand not running and I couldn’t stand the Jillian Michaels workout video I tried today either!

have quit two of these mid-way for some reason...
have quit two of these mid-way
for some reason… sorry jillian…

Maybe I’m just a cardio junkie at heart, but I really like some other workout videos by Tony Horton/Beachbody. And I’m enjoying riding the bike… kinda… ok, maybe a lot more than I want to admit. I’ll let you know more about how that is going in a few days.


8 thoughts on “Here I Go Again

    1. I’ve been to the podiatrist and he made me some orthotics. But I just recently ditched them, which I am going to write a post about. I used them for a year and it hasn’t helped. Now I am trying something else. Keep your eyes posted for that blog. Thanks for visiting my site!!

      1. Looking forward to your post on orthotics, I’m just trying my first pair. I’ve never had PF, but don’t want to get it either. I have arthritis and bone spurs on my big toe joints and have been using Sole heat moldable insoles for years and feel like they have helped a lot, so I’m hopeful for the custom othotics.

  1. You might like Bob Harper Ultimate Cardio Body, but it might not be good for your PF, there is jumping. I have a couple Jillian Michaels I use in the Winter, I like No More Trouble Zones and Banish Fat Boost Metabolism. I didn’t like 6wk 6pack or Ripped in 30 much for some reason. I run a lot and find yoga helps keep me healthy for running. I’ve never tried Tony Horton, what do you recommend?

    1. That’s interesting you felt the same way about those videos. I’ve done the original Power 90 with Tony Horton and now I do their Great Bodies workout. It’s 10 minutes each of non stop exercises focussing on either buns, thighs, abs or arms. Plus there is a stretch workout too.

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