The Year Of Shoes


2012 was the year of shoes for me. I probably spent over a thousand dollars in 2012 on just running shoes alone. Running shoes. I don’t even think I bought more than 2 pairs of regular shoes last year.

If you’ve been following my blog this past year you know that I have suffered from all sorts of foot pain all year long. Mostly blisters on my toes and sides of feet. Plantar fasciitis (which is still plaguing me) and pain in the ball of my foot.

I will say, they are all good shoes.

Just not for me, except the last row. I still love the Newtons. I’m just not sure I should run in them again… for a while. I will try them in a few months… maybe.

brooks trance- seemed nice… even pr’d in them in Vegas

throw away (donated) shoes for muddy  spartan race

nike- my throw away shoes (donated) for spartan mud race


2nd pair of brooks trance pretty good but still not right

the kinvara, hardly wore these babies

the saucony kinvara, worn maybe twice on the treadmill

pro grids

saucony pro grids gave me major blisters on both feet

back to brooks... more blisters

back to brooks… adrenalines this time and more blisters

newtons... i still want to run in these

newtons… i want to run in them again… super cool shoe

and finally... zoots, no more blisters!! wahoo

and finally… zoot kalani 2.0 ultra shoe, no more blisters!! yay!

zoot trail shoes-no socks neccessary

…so that made me get the zoot Tt trail shoe-no socks neccessary















I put the Kinvara’s up on a shelf in my closet… maybe I’ll try them again one day.
I gave Beth my Saucony Pro Grids. She loves them. I wore the Brook’s Adreneline all summer, suffing the whole time, so they did get used, as well as the other Brook’s shoes. I’m saving them for the next muddy race, if I ever do one again. Which I should mention I’m not going to do the Spartan race this month, even though I registered for it. Beth’s BF is going to take my spot on the team.

I have found that the Zoot Kalani 2.0 are the best ones for me at this time. I like them so much I have two spare pairs of the regular running shoes and got the trail shoes for trail runs. I don’t like my street shoes to be all dirty and it’s nice to have a shoe for each activity. One of my favorite features with the Zoot’s is that I never untie them. They just slip on and off. So comfortable!!

no socks

no socks, no laces to tie, no problem

I also tried the trail shoe with no socks. It was pretty good, but after two runs, I did get a blister on the back of one heel, so I might have to wear socks. But I liked the fact that I didn’t have to. I will try it again. I need thicker skin… so sensitive. Yikes!

So there you have it. My year of shoes. One year, 9 pairs. Way too much money for a mediocre runner like me.

This year I don’t plan to buy any. I am all stocked up.

Happy New Year and thanks to all my faithful followers for reading!


5 thoughts on “The Year Of Shoes

  1. that’s so funny… i did the same thing! so many shoes in the quest for the PERFECT pair. i found some i like, but they have little airholes on the bottom which makes them not so fun for rainy runs, or muddy runs (squish). happy happy new year! sorry i missed you on the run last week!

    • I’m not sure there is a “perfect” pair, but I’m liking the ones I’m in… for now. 😉
      Happy New Year to you too!! Yes, bummed I didn’t see you the other day when I finally got to a meet up. But my new years resolution is to go to more of them this year, so see you soon!!

  2. Andrew says:

    Nice…Glad you found something that worked…

  3. I hear you! Finding the perfect pair is almost impossible. I had a similar quest in 2012, although I didn’t make it to nine pairs :). Good for you for persisting! Happy 2013!!

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