Test Run For CIM

I don’t really like surprises. I like to be prepared. That’s why yesterday I decided to do a test run. As I’ve mentioned before, the forecast for this weekend’s marathon is rain, rain, rain. UGH!

they say it’s on and off showers for sunday and a potential for flooding!!

This is why I needed to do a test run yesterday. I haven’t run in the rain in like… a year! So I pulled out my staple rain-running outfit: capri tights, shorts (to wear over the tights for a layer of… um… warmth?), a tank top, my Sugoi arm warmers (love them), my Nike weatherproof jacket, my Northface running gloves (my favorite) and a beanie from Athleta (sadly the only Athleta piece I may be wearing–which has nothing to do with the fact that I have a new job and no longer work there…. I still LOVE their clothes!). I always tie my hair in a braid for rain runs, otherwise my long hair is a wet mess. I also tested out my waterproof mascara and found it did as it should… stayed put! Yippie!

base layer
with jacket

Before I donned this outfit, I was talking to my youngest son, who is 16, before he went to school. I was hemming and hawing about how it will rain at the marathon Sunday and stated that I wasn’t even sure I was going to do it. He said in a teenage nonchalant manner, “After all that training?”

Indeed. It took a 16 year old to make me realize that yes, I have put in a lot of work and time for this race. How could I not do it? I have worked hard for over 4 months to get my running to a place where I can actually run 26.2 miles and not perish! And I’m gonna let a little rain stop me? NO FRIGGIN’ WAY!

I should note that my son has been a swimmer for 11 years and a water polo player for 3 of those years. When his peers ask him on a rainy day if he is going to polo practice, he says he just laughs. He’s already going to be wet of course.

I headed out to do my run early, and although it had been pouring rain just 30 minutes beforehand, now it was just a little sprinkle. Shoot. I wanted to experience the monsoon type rain I am expecting at CIM. I only needed to do a three mile run. I realized rather quickly that running in my rain jacket is down right hot, and it reminded me of those sweat suits people use to sweat a lot and drop weight quickly.

quick weight loss suit

I was getting too hot. That worried me, because there is a fine line between being comfortable and overheating. It’s one thing if it’s raining steadily, another if it’s just overcast. A dilemma for sure on what to wear. I can’t run the whole way in that jacket if it’s not raining, but don’t want to run in a tank top either and get cold.

Then halfway into the run, the rain started to come down. Hard. Along with some strong wind gusts. Yeah!! This is what I wanted to run in.

stopping in the rain is not a good idea

Suddenly my over hot attire was just perfect. Okay, this I can do for 26.2 miles! I almost want it to rain now. I’m sure people driving by thought I was a nut case to be running in the inclement weather, but that just made it all the more… dare I say it… fun? The fact is, I didn’t mind it at all. It was almost refreshing. All good prep.

My son, remarkably, totally turned my negative attitude around about this marathon. Before yesterday, I was dreading the whole thing. Who in there right mind wants to run for over 4 hours in the pouring rain?

Well… me.

I mean, where’s my sense of adventure? Didn’t running the Spartan race last January teach me that I can run in soggy shoes?

my zoots didn’t even feel wet til I took them off

Didn’t running the Napa Valley Marathon last March teach me that I can do anything I set my mind to? (running the whole way with a calf sprain.)

Didn’t running the Giant’s Race just this past September teach me that I can push my body to do something it wasn’t practicing, running faster than I had planned?

All these races have prepared me for what I am about to endure. A test of my mental strength and will. I also thought about my son, always practicing in the rain, and thinking, he’s not whining about it. Granted he is already wet, but it is just a reminder that it’s just water! And once I get started… I will be already wet!

it’s just a little water… right?

I also was curious about my training, as I feel I am undertrained, so I took a look back at my monthly running / mileage logs this past year. I thought I was not nearly as prepared for this marathon as I was for the last (Napa Valley), but I actually have run just about the same monthly mileage as the last time (see Feb.) Even though I am running a less aggressive training plan this time around (courtesy of my coach) I have still put in the same amount of mileage. This little factoid just adds another level of confidence going into Sunday’s race.

a nice surprise (November mileage is actually 114 as of today) – click to enlarge

I may be sounding very optimistic about this Sunday’s race, but that is a happy place to be and even though I might be in for a rude awakening… this is where I’m going to stay. Happy and excited about this marathon. I’m not going to let the cold wind and rain that was pelting me after work tonight thwart those thoughts. But it will influence my wardrobe a bit. I think I might add a layer, a wicking long sleeve top over my tank (that’s Athleta). Better to be safe (warmer) than sorry. I also may add a visor (Athleta too) to keep the rain off my face.

with my athleta visor

With 2 more days til the race, I will spend tonight getting all my gear prepped for the race. Tomorrow and Saturday resting. Tomorrow, I’m getting treated to a Chinese food lunch at work—to celebrate my new job at a local town Newspaper (I just started this week) and then Saturday my coach/sweetie and I will head to Sac to get our race bibs and check in to a little boutique hotel near the finish. I’m looking forward to our pasta dinner at a nearby Italian restaurant that night and early to bed. Then it’s… CIM!!!


2 thoughts on “Test Run For CIM

  1. LOVE your positive rainy weather attitude! I’m working on mine 😉
    I have no clue what kind of pace Shanna and I will be able to run with the weather, but I’d like to aim for a sub 4 hour finish. What are you thinking in terms of pace? Let’s text on Saturday 🙂 Congrats on your new job!!

    1. It’s kinda tough to stay positive as the weather report updates and it now says 100% chance of heavy rain. A sub 4 finish is not in the cards for me, but maybe I’ll see you at the beginning and we can start out for a bit together. I’ll text you Sat.
      Thanks about the job. It’s a good switch for me.

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