Wouldn’t It Be Cool If… ?

Wouldn’t it be cool if… the teenage girl didn’t run flying past me on the 2nd mile of my long run (10 miles) yesterday totally making me feel like a slow poke? She flicked her pony-tailed head back at me as she passed. I thought it was my neighbor’s daughter and hoped she did that because she thought she knew me and not because she felt superior. And anyhow… didn’t she realize I was running a long way today and conserving my energy??

a figure 8, sort of

Wouldn’t it be cool if… the mud from recent rains on the running path wasn’t resembling dog doo? It made me watch every step as it was in small piles here and there along the path. Doggie poop on the path is actually a pet peeve of mine, in that the last thing I want to do is ruin my shoes by stepping in it. Clean up after your dogs!!

Wouldn’t it be cool if…  my eyes could take a picture when I see something cool on my run and save it on my phone? I see so many beautiful things, like the change of color on the trees, as well as weird and gross things. I want to photograph it all. And post it here, for you to see too. Unfortunately… this time I have nothing.

Wouldn’t it be cool if…  all the negative tapes that play in our heads could just be erased from memory? Why do we drown our thoughts in self doubt. I am guilty of that. Sometimes I feel like I’m carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders. That makes running 10,000 times harder.

Wouldn’t it be cool if…  blisters never existed? I think I may have found the road to a blister free running existence.

helping my feet be a beautiful place
no “new” blisters after over 10 miles!

Wouldn’t it be cool if…  I could eat like my boyfriend/coach? And never gain a pound? Like him. ((sigh))

yep… I’m going to have a bite of this after I finish this post

Wouldn’t it be cool if… Hormones didn’t make me crazy?

I read somewhere that this could help

Wouldn’t it be cool if…  every run was a great one? Midway thru my run I ran into Johan, who I ran 20 miles with last weekend. He said he was dragging a bit too on his run. That helped me feel better about my run since I felt like I was dragging. But what he said that was most inspiring was… “Just think how good you will feel afterwards.” I know he is right… that is what I am always telling other people when they don’t want to do a workout. You always feel good afterwards. Always.

Wouldn’t it be cool if…  I’m not sore after the marathon? It’s 13 days til CIM. I can’t wait for it to be over! But I’m excited to go and spend the time with my sweetie. He will have a nice fast race and I will roll in after he has probably gone back to the hotel, cleaned up, napped  and eaten. I hope he brings me some chocolate milk when he comes back to to watch me cross the finish.

Wouldn’t it be cool if…                               You fill in the blank!


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