Return of the Tomato Face Girl

Yesterday I had an amazing run… for me anyway… and I wish I could keep this pace up for the whole marathon next month, but I don’t think it’s possible with the short amount of time left. Nevertheless, I’m happy about this run. It made me feel better about my running, which the other day I felt like I was a Negative Nelly.

Whenever I run this hard, my face is as red as a tomato afterwards. And it stays that way for a good hour at least (that makes putting on makeup difficult!)

tomato face girl

I need to work on being a tomato face girl a little more. I think I’ve gotten lazy.

I am really excited about these splits. I averaged an 8:54 pace for the entire 5.75 miles. I also am happy to report that there were no new blisters after this run. Yay!!

i want these splits for CIM!!

The sports app I use is by Endomondo. I love it. It’s comprised of a whole community of cyclists, runners and other workout fanatics, who are always there for extra support and encouragement. With this particular app, you can make friends like you do on facebook (although you really don’t know any of them) and then you can “like” their workouts and make comments. I have friends I don’t know from all over the world! And most of us share our love of running.

Unlike facebook, there are no pics of stupid stuff (guilty!) just a profile pic. What I like the most, is that while I’m running I get “pep talks” from my “friends” that my phone announces out loud (SIRI’s voice). This was what there were saying yesterday during my run:

pep talks really do help motivate me!

Getting pep talks is so nice!! It did make me work harder with everyone rooting for me. It makes me feel more accountable for my workout.

The interesting point about yesterday’s run is that I didn’t feel like I was over doing it. I felt fairly comfortable, although I knew I was only running around 5 miles. Still, this gives me hope. My thoughts during the run were that, maybe, if I like the CIM course next month, that I would do it again next year, (big maybe) and make qualifying for Boston a goal for THAT race. That seems more realistic for me, provided I work hard and push myself into the red zone —the tomato face zone!


2 thoughts on “Return of the Tomato Face Girl

  1. I love the name tomato face!!! I work out every day over lunch and the days I run my face is always bright red and after my shower it just doesn’t stop!! I try to put make up on but there is no hope. I need about 2 hours for the red to go away! Great run!!

    1. Thanks! It’s kinda embarrassing how red my face gets, especially when no one else I know gets it. I’m glad to know I’m not alone! Mine stays red for a long time too, and the hot shower seems to make it last longer. Have a great day.

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