No Illusions of Grandeur

Not for this girl anyway, with this upcoming marathon, CIM in 4 weeks. Initially I had a wild fantasy up my butt (a pipe dream really) that I could possibly qualify for Boston. Ha ha… right! But… for my old lady age group (45-49) and given that this marathon is toted as a “fast” race course, there is a shot at it… kinda. I would just need to run a 3:55 race. Unfortunately, after I did a 16 mile run a few weeks back, I realized… I am in no shape for such a race. I would have to average just under a 9 minute mile… THE ENTIRE 26 MILES! For me, that is just not realistic. Not with the running I’ve been doing lately.

In fact, lately I’ve been thinking I should call my blog joggirlsjournal. Because I feel less like a runner and more like a leisure jogger these days. And that’s ok.

For some reason, it seems like running has taken a back seat in my life. I still love running, but well, sometimes, like this last week of running, I feel like Forrest Gump, where one day he just… stopped.


The thing is, I am tired. Tired of training for races. Tired of having plantar faciitis and pain in the ball of the same foot and blisters on both my feet that never get a chance to heal. It seems that whenever I run longer distances (7+ miles), all those things get exasperated. This has been an ongoing scenario since this past February.

I want to run. I want to run everyday. I just don’t feel like running races and adhering to a weekly crazy training plan. I don’t want to feel like I have to run fast and for me, doing a race means trying to break my PR. Otherwise, why bother? That is just how I feel about racing.

I just want to run for the love of running. So I am going to change things up for a bit. I will say, right here, right now, that after CIM next month and the looming Spartan Race in January, I am not signing up for any races. At least not for a while. Not until I feel like I am enjoying that part of running. Not until my feet are healthy and pain free. Let’s note here that I have tried 5 different running shoes so far this year. These shoes seem to be the best so far with not so much pain at the ball of my foot and fewer blisters.

my latest shoes… zoots, so far so good

Yesterday I did a long run (not long enough according to my training plan for the marathon in exactly one month) but I managed 15 very slow miles. Let me just say right now– enormous thank you to my BF for running the whole way with me at a snails pace. I couldn’t have gone that far without you.

as you can see, this was a scenic run-along the water, until the last few miles

The run was hard. Mostly because I fell off my training plan when we (me and my BF) took a vacation 2 weeks ago. And honestly, I don’t really care. I wouldn’t have it any other way. That vacation means way more to me than a silly race. It was an amazing trip to Italy. Something I will never forget.

and tuscany

So, not running (we did walk a ton) for 11 days was totally worth it.

But now, it’s back to training and my struggle. My quads are so sore from yesterday’s 15 mile run it’s hard to fathom doing an additional 11 in four weeks. That is why I registered to raise some money for Run For A Hero tonight. The CIM marathon people sent an email about raising money for different charities and helping make a difference. I’ve raised money before (for my very first half) almost 2 years ago and figured it might be the extra incentive I need to do this race, because I’ve been considering NOT doing it. So, I hope you will consider making a donation (click the link below). It will spur me on to finish the entire race, which at the moment, I can’t imagine that I will.

Make a Pledge & Make a Difference!!.

27 days to go…


One thought on “No Illusions of Grandeur

  1. Once again I feel my life running parallel with yours girlfriend. Studying, school, sitting all day in class and my new life here in Nor Cal has changed my lifestyle and priorities. Im working at relaxing and going with it. We need to be flexible, roll with the changes and live life to the fullest experience, and maybe go a little easier on ourselves. I am so glad you went to Italy.

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