It’s My Blogoversary!!

Today marks one year since I started this blog. I can’t believe I’ve been writing for an entire year!

This seems like a good time to ask you, my readers (the few that you are) for some feedback. I would love to hear from you with what you think about this blog (boring, inspiring, funny, or whatever) and if you have had any favorite pieces or just anything you might like to tell me-even something about yourself.

One of the challenges of writing a blog is hoping readers will interact. I am hoping that I can have more of that happen in the next year.


Thanks for reading and have an awesome day!!

~ Michele (run girl)


9 thoughts on “It’s My Blogoversary!!

  1. Congrats on one year…I am still enjoying the blog…Love following the ups and downs…Particularly how you have dealt with the downs and kept going…Keep it up…

  2. I enjoy your blog. I like reading about how people deal with life and how they use running to help cope with every day stress. You have a very positive attitude. Love it. Keep it up!

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