Clams and Linguini (and the Hammer Go Girl)

I love linguini and clams. It’s my favorite night-before-pre-race dinner. That or I’ll settle for some other kind of seafood and pasta. It’s worked so far for me in terms of sitting well in my belly. I love pasta too, as I am 100% Italian. If I could, I’d eat it all the time. But… ((sigh)) I don’t. My favorite place to eat L & C is at the Yankee Pier. We have one in Larkspur, the town I wished I lived in, just 5 minutes away. Theirs is soooo good. Unfortunately there is no linguini to be eaten at this time, I’ll have to save it for the next race. If you want to watch them make it, click this.


What I want to talk about is clams. Not the ocean smelling kind you find in the sand, but the exercise. The one my PT told me I should do everyday. The exercise I haven’t been doing, until this morning. I need to do them because I have weak hips / tight hips. My PT thinks that is why I get calf strains, because my hips are weak. Maybe that’s why.

I did two sets of them this morning. I don’t like them at all, which is why I don’t do them! They hurt! But lately, I have been having some hip soreness and frankly, I am tired of that, so I want to see if these clams will really help strengthen my hips. They strengthen your glutes as well… so I am a weak ass!!! LOL

It’s a pretty simple exercise. Just lay on your side, bend your knees and open up your legs (like a clam opens) while keeping your feet together. Then flip over and do the other side too. It feels as bad as it looks in this photo I stole from the internet:

the clam exercise

Just looking at this guy makes me not want to do it! I of course do not put my hands out in a prayer position. I’m not sure what that is all about ?

I also tried out the Hammer Heed drink my coach gave me. I will admit, it tastes pretty good. It’s not so sugary like the stuff I’m used to. It was the melon flavor and reminded me of the cucumber water they always seem to have a day spas, which is a nice taste. Which I guess is a good thing. Although, I honestly don’t know why everyone is so worked up about sugar. It is natural. I love sugar. It tastes good. But, just like everything else… in moderation. So I can give up my sugary gatorade. Although I have a few bottles lingering around and am not sure what to do about them. I tried the Hammer on my run tonight with my Go Girls Run Club. I will also admit… I had a pretty good run. I even ran the small hills. My coach would not be happy with me for that. I know I shouldn’t have, but, I didn’t want to be the wimp in our small but fierce group. After all, I am the leader of the group… I have to represent!

go girls ~ florianna, me and katinka

I’m feeling pretty good tonight after the run. It was short, 3.6 miles, but I ran steady and had my Hammer drink with me and I don’t know if it’s the Hammer… or my fitness level is improving. Maybe a little of both. Whatever it was, it was good for my soul, and I really, really needed that after my long run this past Sunday. It’s also really nice to be back running with this group. We were smaller this week than last, but hopefully as summer vacations come to a close we can get the group back up in numbers. I’m also excited to be running with Flo… and she will be running the Giants Race in one month with me, or more likely ahead of me. It will be her first half marathon. I know she is going to kill it!

This was my last run this week, as I have already exceeded my weekly mileage by a couple miles and I need to build them back up slowly… you know, that 10% increase. That is something I’ve never done in the past. It’s hard not to go out and run 5 miles every time, but I have my coach constantly whispering in my ear during my runs to not overdo it. I am listening… most of the time. (He was actually yelling in my ears when I did the small hills tonight, but I tuned him out… sorry coach). This week I logged a total of 14.25 miles. Doesn’t sound like much, but I’m sure I’ll have that doubled in no time. (my 2nd full marathon is 17 weeks away!!)


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