A Little Wind and a New… Plan!

Wednesday morning my ponytail felt like someone was pulling it sharply from side to side, jerking me back when all I was doing was trying to propel myself forward and maintain a decent pace. The second mile of my two and a half mile run was blanketed with strong winds. Winds more useful for sailing I would think. Not fun to run against, Not at all. Almost worse than hills-for me anyways. Maybe. So, it’s no wonder that in the first mile of my run, heading out, I was moving much faster than I’ve been running these last few days. I was being pushed along. Helped. I sure didn’t feel like I was running that speed, an 8:45 minute mile. It felt good.  The mile against the wind… I almost hate to type it.. 9:57 mm. (It felt bad.) That averages into my normal pace I suppose.

My house is situated on the border of a ferocious weather line. On the South side of my house there is a fog so dense that it stretches all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge like marshmallow creme spread across a sheet cake. Thick. Wind always seems to accompany it, especially in July in my town. On the North side of my house it is sunny and clear. At least that is my view. I actually have to walk about 3/4 of a mile to get to the sunny part and therefore warmer part. I always wished I lived just five minutes North of my house. Completely different climate. It’s crazy. It makes me crazy sometimes.

on the cusp. summer… or winter?

Wednesday morning the clock ticked on and on (I blame it on the cruddy weather) before I finally headed out the door to do the run on my new training plan. It was my day off work, so I didn’t need to rush it. In fact, I lazed around for way too long and ended up heading out around 11 a.m. Whoops! Where does the day go… and why does it always go so fast when I’m NOT at work?

at least my sporty athleta wardrobe always gets me out the door

This week, back to running after a six week break due to injury is like starting from scratch. Almost as if I was a brand new runner. I’m following the advice of someone (someone very special to me actually) that I will be referring to (going forward) as my coach, because left to my own devices I would not be running such short distances and EGAD!! walking in between them! Thank goodness someone is making me use common sense.

Meet my coach. (he’s kind of cute too huh?)

me and my coach… on a training… er… walk. 😉

Naturally, taking it slow, is totally sound advice and comes with experience. It is the right way to approach running again if I want to continue running for the rest of my life. And I do. That is why I am tying out something different and taking it slowly. And not being my stubborn bull self.

My coach (yeah, he’s not certified, but maybe certifiable, as he’s hanging with me…) put together this plan to get me back running with hopefully no more calf pain. I know he has my best interests at heart, so I trust him completely. And he is an accomplished marathoner… with a PR of 2:45 or some ridiculously amazing time like that. The Tortoise and the Hare, that’s us! HA!

the path back to blackies pasture ~ gorgeous

My run plan started with a nice little walk / run down Blackies Pasture in Tiburon last Saturday with… of course, my coach. (who is a saint for running at half his normal pace to run with me.) Just saying. It went something like this:

2 miles total running. Start with a half mile walk warm up, run one mile. Walk another half. Run one mile… you get it. Easy.

Ignore the beginning of the month-its just non run stuff.

my new training plan ~ back to square one!

Total mileage for Week One is 9.5 running miles with a few miles of walking scattered in between. Also note, there is no running or any weight baring leg exercises after Sunday, which eventually will become a real Long Run Day. Right now, 3 miles is a long run. (((sigh))) 

The good news is I am kind of liking the walk breaks. Running is hard and hard on my body at least, so easing back into the game with walk breaks has been nice. I only had soreness in my legs the first two running days. Now they feel good. Really good. And I feel good. REALLY GOOD!!

The winds Wednesday morning made me think of the marathon I signed up for at the end of this year. CIM (California International Marathon) and made me think… winter = windy… and then I thought… oh, I hope not. That would suck. That led me to also thinking… if it’s this windy at that race, I am going to have to not think of what my time will be in the end. Because I know it will be s-l-o-w. I am keeping my fingers crossed it will be  a neutral weather day. Still, it is December, the weather could be rather nasty. So I guess I better get used to a little wind whipping my ponytail around.

pretty views even in the wind

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