I Lied

The excitement of writing about running the other day had me dreaming of running and my heart couldn’t wait to get started. So I lied. I ran today instead of waiting for Saturday to roll around. I couldn’t help it. What difference will a few more days make? So, I consulted okay, I whined like a pouty four year old, to someone who’s running expertise I trust and followed his advice (thank you T.B.), as he has been a competitive runner for many years. I warmed up with a 2 mile walk on my treadmill. I stopped, stretched my legs—especially my calfs. Then, I ran a mile–at a very slow pace. 5 mph. I cooled down with a mile walk. You know what? It felt great. Now I will be a good girl and wait to run again on Saturday. I mean it this time!

I am a happy camper–all smiles.


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