Hi everyone!! It’s me! I’m still here, just been on a running and therefore writing hiatus.

So here’s the scoop… It’s been 5 weeks since I strained my calf, which means it’s been 5 weeks since I have run. This also means it’s been 5 weeks since at least 5 of my avid (only?) readers have heard a peep out of me. Sorry guys, I just haven’t had much to report as far as running goes. I hope you haven’t forgotten me! Determined to put an end to this calf strain nonsense, I have stuck to my guns about taking a break from running and haven’t run an inch. Seriously! You should see my feet! All the blisters and such I had are healed and my feet look like a newborns, all soft and pink and… pretty. OK, maybe not that extreme, but pretty darn close! In fact, I almost don’t want to start up again and ruin their unspoiled appearance.

In the absence of running, my workouts have mostly been spinning, ab work and my usual weight training. I have had weekly sessions with a PT and have spent the last week using (nightly) an electric muscle stimulator (on loan) on said calf along with some light stretching.

A few weeks ago I started walking in lieu of running. I vowed to walk 5 miles everytime I got on the treadmill. This is what I did in my pre running days just three years ago. The words “you must learn to walk before you can run” have been my mantra these days. I think I’m ready to run, but I am going to wait. 5 more days to be exact. I will run this coming Saturday. It will be a short run. I am going to take it really slow and ease into the running again, even though I am dying to go out and run my favorite 6 mile loop I love to do. Instead my run will be this: .5 mile walk, .5 mile run, repeat 2 more times totally 3 miles walk/run. That should give me a good idea of how my calf is feeling. My fingers are crossed that it feels perfectly normal.

As of today, my calf is feeling pretty good, yet I am still scared to run-afraid that my calf may never be able to run again. The big challenge now is to overcome the mental ghosts that have haunted me and my calf so far this year.


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