Oops, I Did It Again!

I always thought that was a funny (as in strange) song title.

What isn’t funny, or maybe it is in some twisted sense, is that I really did do it again.

Yeah, it is funny actually… funny as in ‘unpleasant or wrong.’ You see, I strained my calf just three quarters of a mile into my run this morning. Unlike the last time, which was two weeks before my first marathon, I didn’t break down on the side of the street and cry. Of course it sucks that this happened (again), especially because I have the muddy race this Saturday, which I don’t think I will be able to “run.” Yet, I’m not that upset. I’m a little disappointed about the mud run, I think it would be super fun. I’m not sure if I could even walk it right now as I can barely walk today. I am going to rest this week and I’m seeing my PT tomorrow morning. I know she will tell me not to do it. I am stupid if I do. And I’m tired of making stupid decisions. Running that marathon with a bum calf was a lesson learned. It isn’t worth it. I think I will just go and be a cheerleader for my team. I will don the funky colorful skimpy outfit and watch. I don’t think I have a choice this time. A mud race doesn’t hold the same value as the marathon did for me, which is why I am not so upset I can’t run.

mud run outfit ~ beth’s awesome body, not mine

At the start of my run this morning I felt great. I know I was running way too fast—for me (averaging between 7:30-8:30 pace). And way too soon into my run… I wasn’t warmed up and I was wearing my new Newton shoes, which I still love, but kinda knew in the back of my head I was pushing it—my calf that is. See, my calf was a little tight before I left. Yesterday, I had an awesome 5 mile run (in my Brooks Adrenaline’s) with my muddy buddy Beth around Phoenix Lake. We ran a comfortable pace and it felt good. There is no rational reason why I went out this morning all hell bent on running faster. It was a stupid thing to do knowing I had a race this weekend. I knew it. Yet, I am stubborn as a mule and didn’t listen to my inner voice telling me (loudly no less) not to wear the Newtons for now and to run slower. Stupid, Stupid Girl. My inner voice is laughing at me. Guffawing.

I’m starting to wonder if I will just have to be content to be a slow runner. Maybe fast just isn’t in my future. Maybe I am slow and a long distance runner. I might just need to accept that. Maybe I just need to get my calf completely better before I run again. So many maybes.

I don’t have another race until September, so I think I will have to  put running on the back burner for awhile.

In the meantime…

Thought I’d post pics from the last two races.

Here is my Athleta Run Club Go Girl Connie with me near the finish at the Marin Memorial Day 10K race. My fingers are crossed that I can lead the group this week.. double crossed… ok, triple crossed. I may need a stand in (Lauren?). Not being able to lead this group is more a bummer than not doing the mud race.

yay connie, you did it!

Me, last Sunday at the See Jane Run 1/2 marathon. It’s hard to believe I ran a 1/2 marathon a week ago and now this… crippled.

somewhere mid run. no matter how tired… always smile for the camera!

I like the way my quad is all flexed in this picture. I guess there really is some muscle in there!

This is the first time I have been captured crossing the finish line. This is my first race sans compression sleeves. Maybe I still need to wear them…

woo hoo! done!

5 days til the Muddiest Race in the World.



Um… Go Team!

I’ll keep you posted.


2 thoughts on “Oops, I Did It Again!

  1. Well I am very bummed you might not be running through mud with me, but want the best for you. Whatever happens, there will be more races. I like the idea of distance runner. I think I can do that. You continue to inspire me. You go girl.

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