Newton Review (not the fig type)

Chewy ewy rich and gooey inside… golden cakey tender flaky outside…

Oops, wrong Newtons.

Ok. I thought that was funny, but I am an odd ball… (I hope I am not the only dork who remembers that fig newton commercial from long ago!)

But seriously.

The other day, at my half marathon, I purchased those Newton natural running shoes. Mine are the new Terra Momentus all terrain shoes which retail for $149. I got mine for $20 less at the marathon. They feel lightweight, the size 7 is 9.2 oz.

They are crazy colored for this vanilla girl, but that makes them more special I suppose.


They run a little small, I went up half a size in this shoe, a full size would have been for one of their other shoes, which I ended up not getting… they were all white! Ha! I have to say… I really like them, so far.

Cool colors aside, they are fun, fast and I can’t wait to run in them again (and on a trail). Right off the bat, you know they are different. They feel different. They feel odd at first when you walk in them, but you get used to it. They make you want to run on your forefoot… natural running. You can read more about the science/technology here. It’s pretty cool.

I wish I had these sort of splits the other day at my half marathon. In the Newtons today, I wanted to run faster, but I held back because I am still working out my calf issues. “stretch, stretch, stretch-6 times a day” my PT says…  Running slower was hard to do in these shoes.

3 miles is just warming up!

I really enjoyed my run today in the Newtons. They were just fun to run in. They give you an extra spring in your step. Especially if you’ve been running on your forefoot like me. The other day I had wished for some extra padding around the ball of my feet, tired from hitting the pavement after 7 miles. These shoes seem to provide that and I’m hoping as I increase my mileage in them they will give me that.

I guess now is as good a time as any to start reading the book Maili loaned me a few months ago.

read me! read me!

Newton even offers this book at their online check out. Now that I’m wearing the Newton natural running shoes, it’s time to start educating myself!

I’m still going to run in my Brooks Adrenaline shoes as I build up my mileage in the Newtons as they advise to do… but eventually hope to switch over fully to the Newtons.

Are you a natural runner?

Do you wear Newtons? 


One thought on “Newton Review (not the fig type)

  1. G’day,
    Was forwarded your post by StrideandJoy as I have recently changed over to racing solely in Newtons.

    They are the bees knees.

    You are right, the form needed to run in them is a little different, but it is definitely what I would term ‘the right form’. Have run several 5Ks and a half-marathon in them and am feeling much less fatigued by the end of the race. Still training in my Sauconys and finding my form there is better too, but definitely enjoying the Newtons.
    Hope you have success in them.

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