I Ran 13.1 For Chocolate, Champagne and Best of All, Netwons

I ran my 4th half marathon yesterday. See Jane Run in Alameda, CA. It was my second best half time. I can be rather hard on myself, and so I wasn’t entirely happy with my performance. So, bare with me as I try to make light of my race experience.

Here are my top 6 excuses reasons why I think I didn’t PR.

number 6. I did not properly train for this race.

When I first signed up for this half I had visions and a goal of setting a new PR with an ambitious training plan. But due to previous injury, I couldn’t follow their plan. This was the plans last email the night before the race. HA!

good luck indeed–i did say ambitious

number 5. I am still in physical therapy for plantar fasciitis and calf muscle tightness.

Just after mile 7 (and for the rest of the race—push through the pain I repeated) the bottoms of my feet were killing me. I think I need to go back to the foot doctor. Something is def wrong with the ball of my left foot.

number 4. I had too many beers Friday night at a family party.

Drinking the week before a race is a no-no, something I never do. It’s been my ritual and I broke it. I also ate a BUNCH of food, more than needed.

getting my party on

number 3. I spent 6 hours in the sun Saturday and my legs got sunburned.

At yet another long swim meet and thinking I had a good base from my Vegas trip the weekend before I didn’t apply sunscreen. Stupid. My legs stung in the shower after the race. Plus all that sun is exhausting.

number 2. Aunt Flo.

Oh a whim, she decided to visit earlier than I expected and accompany me at the race. Initially I was going to this race all alone, but last minute she showed up offering her, uh… support. Unfortunately she can be quite tiresome and a bit annoying. She had me struggling the day before the race on what to wear because even though she didn’t say it, she made me feel… bloated. So the race outfit I had planned wasn’t fitting right. Even though I tried out several other options-like 10, none of them seemed right either, so I resorted back to my original. She is also the reason I was eating all those nasty foods ad nauseam. She makes me eat more food than I’m used too.. You know, that old Italian Aunt always saying… Mangia, Mangia.

post race, tired, the outfit

and the number 1 reason this wasn’t my best race… my heart wasn’t in it.

And that is the only real reason really. If I’m not excited about a race… it’s hard to have a good one. Since I had to chuck my original, ambitious goal of that magical PR I seem to think I want, I wondered why I was even doing this race. I was almost going to bail.

During the race I kept telling myself to stop worrying about the numbers and to work toward that goal for my next half in September. I didn’t have any idea what my pace was since I didn’t have any devices with me. I almost asked one gal what the time was… but held my tongue. In some ways I wish I had, because I would have pushed a little harder. I would have liked to at least been 3 minutes faster. Oh yeah, my finish time was 2:03:07. Grrrr. So close to under 2.

gotta represent: power to the she!

So… boo hoo… I didn’t PR. It’s really no big deal. I still ran a half! And I was sporting our awesome Athleta run clothes, the pretty Swagger Skort, which I got a compliment on and my latest addition; the Run Racer Tank, which was very comfortable for the race. The race was still a great experience and I actually didn’t do as badly as I had imagined. The course was nice too, a lot of it along the waterfront of the San Francisco Bay with views of San Francisco in the distance. It was a nice day too.

For my old lady age group (45-49) I think I did rather well. I placed 29th out of 132. Which surprised me since it seemed everyone was passing me. HA! That will teach me to start right up in the front!

Out of the entire field of participants—1402—which were all female (Janes, if you will) less the 38 men who ran it, which I can only gather did so to run with their wives or girlfriends, I placed 318. That makes me feel good.

It was the first time I have gone to a race totally alone. There were no family members or friends to hang with afterwards. That was ok. I actually enjoyed the post race festivities the most.

I got this great swag.

my son drank the coconut water sample before I could photograph it

and their groovy T-shirt

my 2nd red race t in one week!

my See Jan Run champagne glass

surprisingly i only had one!

I also sampled the chocolates and other tasty morsels of race food they were handing out. Some were better than others. As I was walking past a sunglass booth this gal asked if she could photograph my Smith sunglasses, which btw, I swapped out the mirrored alien green lens for the pink ones to match my skirt. The gal owned the business and wanted to photograph my shades to show her maker the style I had on so they could make a copy. I let her. She told me I had a nice profile and smile. That was nice.

Then I saw the tent for Newton shoes. I have been interested in Newtons ever since the active release therapist told me I should run in them. Newtons are only available online, so I jumped on the opportunity to try them on. Naturally I bought a  pair. They were $20 off too. I’m excited to try them out this week!!

aren’t they pretty? somehow these colors work

I also picked up this T after I bought the Newtons. It’s really a good strategy to serve champagne after a half marathon where you already have a runner’s high… makes shopping easy!

~ eleanor roosevelt

As I walked back to my car I ran into the Nesquik bunny. He was on the opposite side of the festival, away from the crowd and I thought it was odd. He had a big smile and a free container of ice cold chocolate milk, which I gladly took and drank since it would take me at least 45 minutes to drive home, and even with that I was fading.

I’m hoping to rest this week. I don’t think I have fully recuperated from the Vegas hoopla followed by a very busy week. I have another race in (gulp) less than two weeks! The Camp Pendleton World Famous Mud Run in San Diego! It’s a 10K and it’s going to be very, very dirty.

that’s all i’m saying

*stolen from their fb page

I guess I’d better get rested!


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