Weekend Glitter and Then A Little Sweat

Today I ran the Marin Memorial Day 10K. I ran it with one member of my Athleta Go Girls Run Club, Connie. It was her first 10K run. I told her I would run it with her, even though I have just spent the weekend in Las Vegas. Three glittering nights of very little sleep (night clubs), more alcohol than I normally consume in a month (or more!) and plenty of fun in the sun pool time. Not exactly the best pre-race prep. In fact, I had the start of a sore throat the night before leaving Vegas, where I don’t even think I fell sleep until 6 a.m. due to the enst enst enst beats of 3 different half outdoor night clubs that sat 36 floors below our room. Sound travels up, and yes, they were all fun!!

Memorial weekend in Vegas is a huge party. The hotel where we stayed, the Encore… was a party hotel for sure. It is a really nice resort so the full on party atmosphere was not what I had expected. My long time friend and running buddy Lisa, went with me, a long overdue girl’s weekend, the last one to Vegas was almost three years ago. We will not wait that long again.

lisa & me ~ the chandelier bar ~ at the cosmopolitan

So you can imagine what my body was saying to me when the alarm went off this morning at 6:15: Don’t Get Up! I soooo wanted to sleep in. Seriously. But, I dragged my tired body out of bed. Because I was running the race to support Connie, and not at my normal pace, I knew I would get through it. I sported my Athleta wear as usual; a purple Swagger skort and the Equator top. I took this pic of the outfit a while back when I first got the top. My cat always like to jump into my pics, because she never leaves me alone.

I did not wear those compression sleeves… but wanted you to see the cool back of this top

The race today was not very crowded. There was a 5K, which my friend Maili ran and PR’d. Awesome. And the 10K which I did with Connie. (There were a number of my Marin meet up group members running the 10K too and it was great to see them.)

We started off fast with the adrenaline of the crowd. Then Connie wanted to slow down when she saw her pace. Just over 2 miles in I had to take her watch away. I’m not sure if that was a good idea, but she was obsessing a bit about running too fast, constantly checking her pace and I told her to just run whatever felt comfortable. I’m not sure if that was the right thing to do to her. I told her she could have it back at the end, a prize for finishing the whole 6 miles. Just before the last victory lap at the College of Marin track, she kinda demanded it back and I actually felt bad that I had taken it from her. Maybe she needed it to help her run. We all race differently. I don’t like knowing until the end how I did… kinda like finding out what the sex of your baby is when it’s born, and not before. But that’s me. I just figure on race day, it is what it is. Let’s note here that I have a half marathon in 6 days! I don’t plan on having any devices with me.

purple and red do NOT go together!

Somewhere after 3 miles Connie’s husband joined us as he had just looped around Phoenix Lake. He is a triathlete and so I asked him a lot of questions about triathlons. I told him maybe there is one in my future, but I would need someone to drop a nice road bike in my lap for that to happen. He has the Escape from Alcatraz Tri in two weeks.

I’m not sure of the exact time, but I believe we finished in 1:07 and some change. I think Connie did great! Go Connie!! My first 10K (and first race ever) was a 1:02 or something like that. I’m very proud of her. I think she was happy too. I hope she was. I liked the red technical shirts they gave us too, just not with the purple skirt.

So now I am in taper mode and will focus on not consuming any alcohol this week-I mean it! Even though I’m attending a party this Friday night ((sigh)). Instead, I will get as hydrated as I can and eat heathy as the food in Vegas was not what I am used to and my poor sensitive stomach was not a happy camper while I was there. I’m sure it had more to do with the beverage consumption than with the foods I was eating, which were far less consumed in comparison. The last four days have wreaked havoc on my poor body and now I need to get my game on for the half marathon next weekend. Believe it or not, I did run two times while in Vegas… I needed to sweat out those toxins!

I know I’ve been saying all along that I will just run this half as a training run, but there is still a part of me that wants a PR… just can’t help it (even today it was tough to not want to run off and leave Connie.) That’s just how I’m wired.

Happy Memorial Day


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