What’s Wrong With This Picture?

piling up ~ unopened

I’ll tell you what’s wrong, I’m a little behind in my running reading. It’s hard to read about running when you are not enjoying it and injured (as I had been the last few months.) This pile of running magazines was hidden under an assortment of mail and paperwork that I discovered the other day.

Yesterday my son had a swim meet and so I brought the Runner’s World Magazine, which is from last month I think, even though it’s June’s issue-you know they are always one month ahead-I’ve never understood that logic.

If you’ve ever been to a swim meet, aside from the gaggling you might engage in with the other swimmer’s moms (and dads), there really isn’t much to do unless you love to watch the other kids swimming. Note: there are over 200 kids on our team alone. My son has been on this team for 9 years and frankly, this mom is tired of “longer than they should be” swim meets. Don’t get me wrong, I love to watch my son swim and a few of his friends, but the rest… meh. He had a great meet yesterday. But the in-between time… zzzzzzz, which equals hours of down time! Not to mention the fact that the person who broke my heart 3 years ago, the one in the My Story post, is there. No, I’m not bitter. Shit happens and if that hadn’t had happened I wouldn’t be a runner so it’s actually all good. Just wanted to vent for a second. 

As I was saying, swim team, well at least this team isn’t always so fun for me. Anyhow… just sitting around (since all my “mom friends” had left early) I took advantage of two things. I sat in the sun and got some color (just in time for my trip this week to Vegas!) and I finally had time to read my running magazine! I read it from cover to cover. Just like old times. I’ll put the other two magazines in my carry-on this week even though I don’t anticipate reading much in Vegas. 😉

This morning I planned a 10 mile run, as I have a half marathon in 2 weeks and I haven’t run more than 8.25 in the last month or so. I ended up running 11.5 because I decided to push myself a bit farther. I’m glad I did, it gave me the confidence that I could pull off the 13.1. If you’ve been reading then you know my goal for this half is just to have fun and finish. I don’t want to get caught up in numbers. Although… I did run exactly or just under what my training plan, the one I’m not really even following anymore, said to run: 13 miles at a pace of 9:47. I know, I didn’t run the full 13, but my average pace was 9:37. So on target for todays long run anyhow. (My initial plan for this race was to run a 1:50 race and PR. But I haven’t done any of the speed work etc, so I am not expecting that sort of time or any PR really.)

I always seem to crank out a faster pace towards the end of my long runs. Maybe I’m excited that I’m almost done. Today I did chew a few jelly belly energy beans right before that, something I will plan on at the half if I start to fade.

perfect combo for today’s hot weather

I also still love my Athleta black Swagger skort. It is my very favorite thing to run in! And, for this long run today I didn’t wear the compression sleeves-the first time for a long run. My calves felt good! I am wearing them now though for recovery… just as a precaution. Unfortunately, I still have some blister issues on the bottom of the ball of my foot. Which makes every foot strike, well… you know, a pain.

When my blisters started to hurt, beginning with mile 2 (ugh), I thought about what I had read in RW magazine yesterday. A man (Matt Miller) from Austin TX lost his fingers and all but two toes from frostbite when he was stranded overnight after a fall on a mountain glacier a decade ago. He then became a runner kicking ass on a half marathon just over a month after the amputations. He’s run 5 marathons since with amazing times. Thinking of him gave me the extra motivation to push through the pain in the ball of my foot. I mean, that is nothing in comparison. I can’t even imagine what running without toes feels like. I thought of him a few times during my run.

I have missed reading my Runner’s World Magazine. Those types of stories make running so much more sweeter motivating me to do more than I ever think I can. So, thank you RW and Matt for your inspiration today!


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