Who’s That Girl?

It’s me!! Really. I imagine that I may not look as recognizable at first when I’m running around town – just another runner out there. And, that’s what I am. And that makes me happy! I look like everyone else now because I am not running in my compression sleeves anymore. Look: bare legs!!

naked legs

This past week has been the happiest running I have had in months! I am so excited! I think the new shoes combined with the physical therapy has equalled happy running. I am actually excited to do the half marathon in a couple weeks. Even though I am not going to run it for a PR… well… um… after todays run I am feeling like it could be a possibility. But no! I am not going to even entertain that thought at that race. Just want to do it and have fun. No expectations! I mean it!

So, pretend that I’m not showing you my splits right now for today’s run. By some runner’s standards these are not all that fast, but for me… it’s great. It’s where I was a few months ago before injury. YAY!!

speedy michele today!

Alright… you didn’t really see that. And I’m not thinking “wouldn’t it be great to keep that pace up for the half,” nope.

Here is what is lame. I actually ran just under 6 miles. I had just one tenth left to make 6, but stopped because I had hit the end of my path and wasn’t watching my tracker. So you can’t see that in that last mile I was booking. I looked at my pace and it said 7:40. Oh Yeah!

This is why I picked up the pace after that slower fifth mile. I was running towards home, about half a mile away, and I see this guy standing on the sidewalk outside the gym looking my way. At first I was thinking… why is he watching that woman walking towards me? Then I could feel that he was waiting for me. Still I wasn’t sure who it was. That is until I was about 10 yards away. Then yay! It was my friend and amazing ultra runner, Andrew. He said… “I thought that was you, but wasn’t sure.” And then commented on how I wasn’t wearing my calf sleeves. OR… let’s go out on a limb… he wasn’t sure it was me since I was running so speedy! Okay, just kidding.

What he said next is what got me all pumped up. He said he wanted to come to my run club and had some people who wanted to come too. Not tomorrow, but in a few weeks since I have to cancel next week’s club unless folks want to venture to Vegas, cuz that’s where I’ll be. The exciting part about Andrew wanting to come to my run club is that he is the head of another club for a competitor-of which I ran with last summer, so shhh… I hope it’s ok to say that. That just made me so frickin happy. After all, we should all support one another out there. I would still run with them if I could, just that I work on their run club day. Anyway, hearing that just got me fired up. So I pushed hard the last half mile and it felt fantastic! I had some serious adrenaline in my Brooks Adrenalines! Awesomeness!

So that’s the scoop… I run now like everyone else! I have bare legs! Those dorky calf compression sleeves were once my trademark, but no more. They are going in the drawer and I’ll wear them on Sunday’s after my long runs for recovery.


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