Yesterday I was floating in my new Brooks Adrenaline GTS 12 shoes. Their advertisement on facebook for this shoe says that you will feel like you are floating. I must say… I was! These are not my first pair of Adrenaline’s. I have a pair from a couple generations ago. They were good then and I am happy to be back in them again… so far. It’s only been one run afterall. But I am hopeful for a bright (bright pink) future in them. In fact, I don’t know why I let the sales guy talk me into the Trance last summer when this shoe was working perfectly fine for me. Sometimes the best things for us are right in front of us, and not something we think is going to be better on the horizon.

i seem to have a thing for pink lately

I wore them for my Athleta Run Club session. We ran 4 miles. It was really nice out and the loop we’ve been doing from the store is perfect as the bulk of the run is shaded. As always, spectacular views of the bay and San Francisco. Connie has been consistent in showing up for club and it’s been great as she is prepping for a local 10K on Memorial Day that I agreed to run with her. Note that I am going to run WITH her. I am not going to run this race for me, but for her. I will be there encouraging her the whole way. I believe that to be my role here, as I am the leader of this club and want to inspire others to run and love it the way I do. It is also a relief to let go of wanting a PR. Right now, post injury is not the time for such thoughts. I also spied the countdown on my blog referring to the impending half marathon in… 23 days! I am not really trained for that race. I realize I have 3 weeks, but I haven’t run but one 10 miler since the marathon in March. I am planning on an 8 mile run this weekend. Earlier this week I was thinking I would pass on the half. Then a running friend and the coach of my son’s high school cross country team came in the store the other day and we talked aobut it. That was when I decided to run the 10K as a companion (similar to Sonja running the Turkey Trot 10K with me last fall-thank you S.C.) and this half marathon as a training run, per her suggestion. See… I am wise enough to listen to others. Taking off the need to PR is very liberating. I can still run and have fun. And chocolate and champagne at the end of that half. 🙂

my faithful run club go girl, connie -note that there are no calf sleeves on my legs!

Last Friday I started physical therapy on my calves. I’m still reeling over the therapists comment when she first saw my calves: “Wow, you have BIG calves!.” Um Thanks… I think. I don’t really like my calves as far as body parts go. I think they are not as defined as I’d like them. Even though today she remarked that they are strong, they don’t look like it.

In a nutshell this is what she said I need to do: Stretch. Like, all the time. Bascially stretch my calves this often-breakfast, lunch, dinner and the snacks in between. As if I don’t have enough to do. It’s not just doing calf stretches either. I have six different exercises to  perform on a um… daily basis. Okay, I haven’t been super diligent in that department. I mean, I already do stretches (some of the ones they want me to do) everyday as it is. But I haven’t really added calf raises everyday. I did them twice in the last week. I also was only suppose to not run more than 4 miles on my runs. I ran 5.25, then 6 and 4 yesterday. My calf felt fine for each of those runs I’m happy to report. In fact, I have been feeling so good, that for my club run I decided to forego all the usual stuff, the annoying apparatus that I usually put on for a run, and run free. That’s right. The new shoes meant ditching the silicone toe covers. I have to see if I get blisters afterall. And since I was doing that I thought, why not ditch the compression sleeves. I mean, I am soooo sick of wearing them! Even though someone recently told me they were sexy, lol, I’m ready to run without them. I don’t like that I’ve been dependent on them for almost two years! So, my lower body was naked for once, and it felt great!

Today at therapy I said the calves were feeling better. But, I am still having some plantar pain in my stupid left foot. Always the left foot. Sometimes in the right. She worked on my foot so much, including ultra sound, that it is still slightly throbbing now as I type this. She added… yep you guess it… more stretches. She said my left foot is so tight and my toes too, that I need to stretch my toes back throughout the day as well. I felt the “poor Michele” sigh come out of her a few times today. I guess I am so used to the tightness that I didn’t realize how bad they really are. My legs are also a little fatigued because she made me do a bunch of calf raises. I guess I will need to get to work on that!

This weekend I will attempt to run 8 miles, on Mother’s Day. A gift for myself. I may even venture out without my compression sleeves, my handicap, but even as I write that, I’m not sure I’m brave enough.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mother’s out there!!


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