The End

Dear Saucony Pro Grids,

I am so sorry, but I think our time together has come to an end. I tried over and over to make things work between us, but we are just not jelling. Each time we get together it starts off great, but a few miles in you start to do that thing you do. You know. You push me at just the right places and make me irritated which eventually leads to pain.

I will always remember our time together… I think. You did bring some good into my life. You helped me heal an old wound and for that I am grateful.

I wish things could be different, but sometimes some relationships are just not meant to be. I know we will still be friends. I’ll keep you in the back of my closet, for just the right occasions. But for now, I need to move on. I know you will be fine and there will be many more relationships in your future.



PS. Your cousin, Mr. Kinvara II, is still hovering around, so I hope you don’t mind if I check out the possibility of a future with him, although it will be limited as I believe him to be a bit of a troublemaker!


One thought on “The End

  1. Ok, in typical superwoman fashion, I started this while doing a couple other things in my office at the same time and did not read who it was addressed too. Once again, you got me girl. You are so funny. I thought you were signing off Blog and I was saying….nooooooo, don’t go. But it’s just your Sauconys. Ok, let us know which brand you choose next.

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