27 Candles… A Birthday Run

Today is my birthday. Yeah!!! I am 47, but I sure don’t feel that old. Well, maybe my calf does a little, but too bad… the mind is in charge here, so calf, get with the program. We have a lot of miles to still cover and I’m counting on you. In fact, I’ve decided to celebrate this one as my 20th anniversary of my 27th birthday. Because, that is how old I feel inside—27 and fabulous!

Last Friday the foot doc gave me the green light to try running since I had major improvement with my plantar fasciitis. (NOTE: I asked about the shorter leg measurements and it’s only a bit more than half an inch, not over like I imagined, which I said was normal… right? But the doc told me that for my size it is rather significant, so there you go.)

On Sunday I went for my first run in over a week. It was an absolutely gorgeous day and I had a new friend to run with, which was exciting in itself, and we headed for Phoenix Lake for what I thought would be my typical loop (5 miles) to and around the lake and back. I always park my car in the small town of Ross and run in the mile or so to the trail head as parking right there is extremely limited. The doc told me to do a run/walk (actually on my treadmill), but heading out was too good to resist.

We started off running, but only made it half way around the lake, maybe 2.5 miles when we just stopped running. Not because either of us couldn’t run, but because it was just lovely out and we decided to walk and talk and ventured off hiking up a trail from the main path. In fact, I never ran again that day, so my run turned into a hike, lounge atop the hill in the sun (yes, I got a little burned) and enjoy the scenic views this area had to offer. I must say, it was the most spectacular run/walk/hike/lounge I have had around that lake. A cool treat of gelato followed. It was a perfect (and much needed) day, culminating with a generous dinner at Morton’s steak house with my family to celebrate my son’s 18th birthday. Seriously, how the hell do I have an 18 year old?

Then on Monday, feeling like I didn’t do a proper run (but not regretting it for a second), I set out on my typical 6 mile loop around my town, which was really stupid since I haven’t run much in the last week and am coming back from various injuries. I think I was still high on my previous day’s fabulous activities and got a little over ambitious. Oh well. The first 5+ miles were great filled with goofy smiles and random laughter. But, just like the week before, I  started having some tightness in my calf (the bad one), so I stopped running a quarter mile from home and walked the remainder. For a second I was a little bummed out, but then that feeling dissipated. I really believe all the injury nonsense will settle down soon (yes, I am feeling very optimistic, and not just because it’s my birthday!!) and I have set up my physical therapy appointment for Friday–I can’t wait.

brookfield ~ off the beaten track®

I don’t think it’s too horrible either because I was able to pull off wearing these fabulous new platform shoes (from Athleta.com – sizes are limited) to work for my 4 hour shift yesterday on the hard concrete floor with no adverse effects!! Things are looking up!! Mine were in grey and were another fabulous return I scooped up on Monday!

Today, for my birthday, I did a shorter run. Nice and easy. It was just a little over 4 miles and thank goodness—no calf pain! Hooray!!

another steller day, marsh run

I could have skipped running on my birthday, but for me, that is a treat, not a chore! Plus, I have some fabulous (how many times have I said fabulous?) plans for dinner at one of my favorite sushi restaurants, Sushi Ran in Sausalito. So burning a few extra calories is never a bad idea. This is the first of many celebrations–Vegas later this month–yeah baby! I’m pretty excited. So far, it’s the best birthday in a very long time. Turning 27 (for the 20th time) is looking pretty damn fabulous. 😉


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