Just Over An Inch

Here I go again. No running. Doctors orders this time. The time had come, after two months of unsuccessfully trying to self diagnose and treat my injuries via internet data, to break down and visit a real doctor.

It all started Thursday night after I wrote my excited post about my solo ‘go girl’ run. I got up from the computer (after about an hour of sitting) and once again—BAM!—heel pain (plantar fasciitis). This time in the other foot, my right. It prompted me to ice the bottoms of my feet before bed.

And wear this.

bedtime gear: compression sleeve + plantar fasciitis brace

The next morning I felt better, so what did I do? I went for my Friday morning run of course!

Friday is my favorite day to run because I’m off work and there is no rush. And it happened to be another gorgeous day. So off I went feeling great. That is until I was about an eighth of a mile from home, when my calf, yes, the same old one from two plus months ago (think pre-marathon) started getting that all too familiar tight feeling. I immediately switched to walking the rest of the way home.

getting ready to hit the streets--my favorite swagger skort and first run in the tinker tank... a keeper!

Enough is enough. I have reached the bottom of my rope. I did some research on local foot doctors and got some references and, sorry Andrew… I really wanted to go to the one you reccomended. I really did. He sounds perfect. But, after just shelling out over a grand to get surgery on my eleven year old dog to have a recurring and infected bursting lump on her leg removed, I just couldn’t sign up to see a doctor who doesn’t take insurance-especially when I’m paying for my own health insurance. Plus he was only available next week (and only 3 of the days) and I needed one NOW! The guy I ended up with is a sports podiatrist, a runner, knows biomechanics, took my insurance and most importantly, could see me that afternoon! Hooray!

Here is my poor dog. Actually I think she is much happier sans the golf ball sized cyst.


So the foot doc listened to my tale of injury woes while he made some notes and checked out my feet measuring and such. I told him I work all day on my feet, on concrete floor and that my feet are killing me by the end of day. He said given the marathon training, the calf injury, the break from running and then resuming plus my job, it was the perfect recipe for plantar fasciitis.

As requested, I had brought him all the different shoes I’ve been wearing (for running and work). He dismissed most as unsuitable. During the tests he told me that I have one leg longer than the other. This of course is not uncommon. He said mine was 30 centimeters shorter (at least I think that’s what he said.) That’s just over an inch! Shit! He had me stand with my legs about 8 inches apart and asked me if I was comfortable. I said no. He asked ‘how do you stand?’ I shifted my weight to one leg (my left) and bent the other. I always stand like that. No wonder my lower back hurts me all the time when I stand too long!

My left leg. It’s the shorty. My left foot… it’s the problem child. It’s the foot all the blisters are on. It’s the one that is swollen. See the ball of my feet?

the ball of the foot is swollen and angry

It’s the one that started this whole plantar fasciitis nonesense. And now it makes sense. The doctor told me that I probably get the blisters because the leg is compensating for it’s… shortness, by reaching farther. (So sorry Shoe Guru, maybe I was a little harsh bitching you out the other day about my blistering foot.) But we will see. For now, he wants me to wear my running shoes to work, and luckily I can. He put some insole inserts in them. The left foot got a special one with a lift in the heel, which made me feel sort of… well… like a gimp. To be honest, I don’t really like how the inserts feel in my left shoe. The right one seems ok, but ouch! The left one feels so crappy! I am trying to let my foot get accustomed to the change. He told me that it should feel bad. I forgot to ask ‘for how long?’ I will be seeing him again next Friday, so hopefully the feet will be feeling better and I can get back to running!

I can’t believe I have to stop running again. I can’t even run with my run club Thursday night and had to pass the job on to my co worker, floor leader and friend, Alison who was planning to run this week with me.

I am bummed I can’t do it. But Doctor’s orders. He also game me a prescription for anti-inflamation pills that are a once a day pill, versus having to take 4-8 of the over the counter variety. And he said I should get some physical therapy and body work on my calves. I still need to set that up, but desperately want it!

So for now, it’s back to just strength training and the stationary bike. At least that is better than nothing. It’s actually a relief to have been told to stop running. I have been in agony and unhappy with running since the marathon.

A big shout out to my running buddies “coach” Sonja and “coach” Maili. Congrats you two on your RRCA completion!! Now, what’s your expert advice? 😉


5 thoughts on “Just Over An Inch

  1. Oh me, pick me….I want to strength train with you. Love spin class, love my weights and machines…..now if I just lived a little closer. You are so brave girl, love the pics. Wonder which leg of mine is shorter….I know my right foot is smaller than my left.

  2. The main thing I learned this weekend was that all the “experts” all contradict eachother! So you have to be the judge of who you feel is best able to help you. You are being proactive in your healing process which is awesome!

    1. Yes! It seems like that is true, all the contradictions. The shoe guru told me to not wear the insoles and the podiatrist wants me to wear them. What’s a girl to do? LOL… hopefully the medical professional is right. They (my feet) are starting to feel better.

  3. I’m no expert, but I think you’re taking a step in the right direction with that brace and some REAL down time. You have many running years ahead of you if you deal with this injury now, heeding the advice of people like the Shoe Guru [who told you to back off 😉 ] and your podiatrist. What’s a week/month/year off of running now if it means you can continue running for the next 20 years?? It’s easy for us (myself included) to get lost in short-term goals rather than building a strong base for the future. And hopefully the difference in your legs is only 30 millimeters (~1 inch) 😉 Keep taking it slow, harness your happiness, and you’ll be back to running before you know it!!

    1. You are so dead on… many running years ahead of me. I think I was feeling left out after the marathon and wanted so desperately to keep going with you guys. This time I will heed everyones advice! I’m taking it slow. And I’ll double check on the difference in height. 😉

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