Little Miss Go Girl

Go Girl—that’s me!! Since there were no other girls tonight it was the ‘Go Girl’ Run Club. Just little ol’ me. All alone. Have I told you I like running alone? I do. Still, it would have been nice to have some patrons join me. Good thing I brought my ipod! Man, I look like I’m going to a tennis match, not a run group. I do love this outfit. Super comfy and cute.

looking sporty

Yep, that’s right, I ran solo tonight. No one came to club. No worries though, at least I still got to run (on the clock!) I represented Athleta well through the streets of Strawberry in Mill Valley, CA.—in my Athleta gear (Printed Sprint Skort, Tempo Heather Seamless Racerback Tank, Leap Hoodie and Tempo Visor.) I’d never run with a visor before, but I’d forgotten my sunglasses and am happy to say, I will wear a visor again!

Since I was a group of one, it afforded me the opportunity to scope out a new route to run leaving directly from our store. It was a 3.75 mile loop and a really pretty one at that, once you got .5 miles into it and away from the frontage road. Check out the gorgeous views I encountered.

sun starting to set over richardson bay bridge

The weather was warm and gorgeous so maybe that is why no one came?
Maybe they were busy doing other things?

a nice dirt path with richardson bay on the right.

Or maybe because it’s still a new run group, and not enough people know about it?

in the distance, san francisco and the beautiful bay

My managers tell me to be patient and it will eventually grow. I am a fairly patient woman.

a cove i ran past at strawberry point

Regardless, tonight was an awesome eveing for a run, in a beautiful area I am so grateful to live in. I hope I get a group next week. This was the perfect run. I didn’t have to drive anywhere. There were dirt trails, paved paths and even some small hills. It was very shaded and cooler on the backside of the island, a nice plus. And… OMG! The views were just breath taking.

Since it’s part of my job to run the run group, I will wait patiently. In the meantime, I will go run every Thursday night at 6 pm, rain or shine, in a goup or alone. I will run while I’m being paid to work. That sounds fantastic to me!


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