‘Go Girls’ Run Club

The ‘Go Girls’ Run Club
My, (yep, my!) run club with my employer, Athleta, had it’s kick-off run last night from our store in Mill Valley. I am really excited and honored that my managers offered me (okay, I did whisper the idea to them a few months back–shhhh) the opportunity to head this community building run group. There are a handful of runners that work with me and I am sure they are much more accomplished veterens in this sport in comparison to myself, but I am the one I guess who was eager enough to take it on. Um… Hello!!—I am going to get paid to do something I love—run!! Just last summer my friend Mike, knowing that I was looking for a job, had said, “well, you’re not going to get paid to run.” He knew that would be the ideal work for me as I am so passionate about running.

the first "go girls'

The weather was rather inclemant and only a few brave soles made it out. They were my regular running buddies, Maili and Sonja (showing me their incredible and valued support) and my neighbor’s kid, Sophia. My neighbor didn’t warn me that Sophia is a track competitor at her middle school. She is 13 and a true trooper for running with this older group. I hope she had a good time even though I doubt the 3.4 mile run was too challenging for her (respectably completed in 31.5 minutes.) I also hope she comes back again this summer and brings some friends!

The wind was belting us on the familiar path along Richardson Bay in Tiburon. The forecast had called for thunderstorms and rain. It was super cold with only a few light raindrops if any. A higher power was watching over us I guess as the rain didn’t start until we had finished. I am still having a tough time with cardio so it was quite humorous that I–the leader of this group—was the one lagging. Just means I need to step it up if I’m going to be the person who is the motivator and head of this club. I don’t know about the rest of the group, but I sure got a good workout.

My hope is that this club will foster a strong community and relationship between our customers and fitness. Athleta is a great model for women of all ages and I want to do my part in promoting strength and empowerment among our clientele.

We gave out a great swag bag to our participants last night and the hope is to give one to each new member. Included in there was a hairband that promotes Athleta’s first brand campaign.

Next week the weather should be warmer and I hope to have a few more ‘go girls” attend.

So… see Mike! It looks as though I AM going to get paid to run, at least a little bit anyway. The moral here is, always follow your passions. You never know where it might lead you. Running lead me to Athleta and it’s a wonderful company to work for!

Next up, an Athleta apparel fashion show (or, my latest great purchases!)… stay tuned. 😉

Have a fantastic weekend! I’m going to attempt my first long run in 6 weeks!


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