Headache, Headwinds and a Head Cold

That’s how my run started this morning: a head cold, a pounding headache (and no ibuprofen to take) and some serious headwinds! I debated wether I should go run, but Sunday is a run day (usually the long one) and I wanted to get outside since it was sunny and finally not raining, which it poured all day yesterday.

When I woke up this morning my head was throbbing. I attributed it to the two beers I drank last night with Sonja and the bad food choices I made all day yesterday (heck, all last week!); glazed dougnuts, mini chocolate peanut butter cups, chocolate cake, etc. In fact, I have been eating rather poorly for the past month. Not training for anything in particular, being injured and not running and maybe dealing with a little depression had me turning to sweets and a “who cares?” attitude about food and how I look. After I signed up for the June half marathon the other day, I told myself that I could continue to consume the crap until March 31st. Then back to healthy eating. I write this as I am drinking my kale smoothie for breakfast. See? I can do it!

I know I put on a few pounds, and find it rather amusing that I managed to buy a bikini at my store (Athleta) last night despite that fact. It, the Bettona swim skirt and halter top, was too cute to pass up! Naturally all my coworkers said it looked great… what are they gonna say? LOL. Why is it that when I put on a few pounds it always goes right to the hips? I also want to thank Sonja for pointing out why I choose to eat healthy… not for anyone else, (because I expressed that it didn’t seem to matter if I was thin in the world of dating–trying to look good so I can meet a decent man… and not one who inevitably runs for the hills or is terrified of commitment, an ongoing scenario for me… made me think… so why not just pig out? Who cares?) But, the reason I choose to eat a healthy diet is because I want to look good for me and feel good when I’m running (which I didn’t today-duh). It seems to be an ongoing battle though.

Anyhow, I digress…

The last time I ran outside was Wednesday and it was raining. That night I worked a late shift (til 2:30 a.m.!) making the store look pretty with new merchandise-like that suit, and I could feel the start of a sore throat brewing, which inevitably was followed by an achy body, chills and a mild head cold the following two days. Even this morning when I woke up I still had a lingering sore throat and presumably have coughed up some ugly green stuff. Still, stubborn me was going to get my run in. I bundled up big time because of how windy it was out there. The temp said 48 degrees, plus that wind chill. Usually that temp isn’t too bad and I would wear one of my run skirts, but today I opted for full pants and an extra pullover fleece which I ended up wearing for half the run. I didn’t want to make myself sicker.

I took my time and wish I could say that I ran fast. My endomondo tracker said I ran 6 miles in 61 minutes. Maybe, but when I looked at it online the tracking gps was all f’d up, so… who knows. About a mile in, I saw some old friends who were walking the path and stopped to chat and walk with them for about 1/4 of a mile. I haven’t seen them in a very long time so it was nice to say a quick hello. I didn’t want to be rude and just wiz by. The winds were so strong that I needed to get back to running. Walking seemed harder in the wind. So I bid them farewell.

brown gunge… yeah, I drank it. it almost looks like a chocolate shake!

I ran my usual loop today and of course on my (home) side of the run, the beginning, it was windy as hell. I had to work extra hard against those headwinds. I hate running in the wind and it made me think of how nice it was on marathon day, when the weather could have been so much worse—we were lucky!! Then when I got to the neighboring town the wind had died down. It always seems nicer over there… just 2.5 miles away. I would live there if I could. By the time I was on the second half of the run the wind thankfully had stopped. This made me wish I had left the house a bit later. I probably should have had a small breakfast too as by mile 5 my energy was way down. I pushed through telling myself I had a yummy healthy kale smoothie to drink when I got home. Actually it’s not all that bad… just kale leaves pureed, plus banana and frozen banana and frozen raspberries plus a little water. I also ate a whole wheat eggo waffle, plain. I know… boring. But I have to do it! Time to get back on the fitness track. I’ve slacked too long.

All in all, not too bad… When I got home what started out as a head-y problem ended up with no post-run headache, no headwinds and just a mild head cold. I don’t get quite as dibilitating colds as I used to in my pre-running days. I think being fit, eating healthy and running reduces colds to minor annoyances. I am grateful for that. Maybe that is why I got this mild cold to begin with… unhealthy eating! Oh well.

One last note… I told Sonja that I can’t decide what blog theme I like and she advised me (as she is always a woman of wisdom) that maybe I should rotate five different styles around until I find one I’m satisfied with. So don’t freak if you see a different blog for me over the next few weeks. Or maybe she said I should keep all five and just rotate them. She said it’s kind of like dating… not that I have 5 options, but the idea sure sounds good!

Do you work out or run when you are under the weather?

Do you get colds very often now that you are a runner?

Hope you had a great weekend!!


10 thoughts on “Headache, Headwinds and a Head Cold

  1. Wow! You look amazing. I would not worry about a few extra pounds if this is the result!

    i hardly ever get sick. I am 47 and been running since I was a kid. And, when I do get sick, I still run too. But, I have noticed if I get a cold, it takes me longer than it should to get over it, because I never rest!

  2. Good for you getting out for your run with a cold and in the cold! I personally think it helps a cold, but not so good for the flu. And I would agree… doing healthy things for yourself, like running, often leads to healthier lifestyle in general which kicks of those nasty bugz arses 😉

    1. What’s really interesting is that while I’m running, I’m not coughing, but the minute I finish… yikes! Cough city! This has been a rough week running and feeling like my fitness has gone down the toilet. I am sure it’s due to being sick.

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