6 and 1/2 Weeks Later…

It has been so long since I’ve run outdoors (or even run on a regular basis), that I’d forgotten how to dress for this morning’s run. It’s still winter, raining and cold. On the day of the marathon over 3 weeks ago, it was close to 80 degrees, unseasonably warm, but easy to dress for. Having not run outside for six and a half weeks left me seriously dumbfounded with my wardrobe. I decided to go with excess layers and hope for the best.

bundled up!

The thought of finally being healed from my calf strain and getting to run outside with my marathon buddies Maili and Shanna had me fairly excited this morning despite the fact that I only got 5 solid hours of sleep last night… again. (getting a full night’s sleep still eludes me!) They wanted to run a trail around Phoenix Lake. I was fine with that as I love that loop, but didn’t want to break in my new running shoes through that muddy sludge. The Saucony Kinvara’s, still sleeping in their virginal box, will just have to wait til tomorrow to be deflowered I guess.

It all started on the single track on the back half of the lake as I ran in third position. While listening to my companions gossip, my mind was drifting. Then Maili said, “oh, I signed up for that 10K you posted.” I snapped my mind back to the present moment and told her I hadn’t offically registered for it. But now I will, happy to have a buddy along for the ride. The race is close to where we were running this morning at the local Junior College on Memorial Day. I piped in what my mind had drifted off to… I said, “I’m not going to listen to Charles. I think I’m going to run the See Jane Run Half Marathon in early June.”

Going against the Shoe Guru’s advice about not running another half marathon until later this year was tinkering around in my head through the first half of this run today. I’m sure his advice is rather sound, but I am stubborn. I like to follow my own rules and it’s not as if he is a medical professional–just an experienced marathoner who’s been down the injury road. *wink* Although I seriously doubt I’d listen to the pros either. My calf feels good. I am not going to push it. I just want to run this race in early June-heck, I wanted to run it last year! Who can pass up the post race fun that includes massage, champagne and chocolate? Plus it’s a flat course not far from where I live. This race isn’t about beating my time, although I’m sure I will try, but because I like being on a training schedule. I like having a goal to work towards. Just going for a run… I love the ease of it, but need to feed my competitive bug. That is way more fun! And talking my run buddies into going, that’s icing on the cake. Chocolate icing!!

The discussions that followed engulfed the other races we plan to run later this year with CIM rounding off the year in December. ‘Boston’ and ‘qualifying’, words never before uttered in a sentence of mine, or theirs, were exploding from our mouths with such brovado you’d think we were superstar athletes! I laughed and told them I have the best chance as I am the oldest of our female pack and get the handicap of time. It is a nice fantasy and I think that I might actually like to try for that. Why not? If I had run the Napa Marathon the way I normally run, I might have made that time then. A dream is always something within reach if you want it bad enough. So after I got home I looked up what my official time to qualify for Boston would be… and it said 4 hours. Sounds pretty doable… but then I scrolled down the page and it said 2013 qualifying times… as they have now become more stringent and now it’s 3:55 for this old lady! Still… doable!! So that will be my year end goal. I get 15 more minutes than my GF’s. Woo Hoo!! Sometimes being the oldest isn’t so bad!

I am so happy to be back outside running—and running pain free! I was a tad nervous that my calf would ‘act up’ mid run today, but I felt strong! The forecast does call for rain again tomorrow, so the Kinvara’s may have to wait till Thursday. We’ll see. I may just ride the bike (stationary), which, I finally got some advice I had been needing for months on how I should be sitting on the bike… and apparently I needed to raise my seat about 4 inches higher. Obviously I know nothing of cycling, but glad I now have that figured out!

Today’s run was 5 wet, sloshy, wonderful miles done in 58:17, the fastest I’ve run outside in 6 and 1/2 weeks!


3 thoughts on “6 and 1/2 Weeks Later…

  1. I hadn’t run outside in months (all treadmill running for the most part this winter) got outside last Sunday and had the best run I have had for ages!

    Take it easy and don’t push it. I hope your injury is healed!!!!!

    Have two beers, the weekend is coming 😉


  2. i can’t believe they lowered the times! ugh! 3:45 was almost do-able (or do-able in my dreams), but 3:40.. forgetabouit!! anyway, fun running in the mud today!

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