Sleep is for Pussies!

That’s what I told myself this morning when the alarm went off after already being awake for the two hours prior to its blaring beeping. 5 hours doesn’t cut it when you had an ambitious 7 planned (6 is typically my max.) Regardless, I had to get up. I don’t usually work 8 hour shifts (yesterday and today, with no workout yesterday–I know ,violins), so I suppose the stress of squeezing in a workout inhibited sleep. I’m still trying to adjust to balancing my life between working and working out I guess. In some ways the two hours of laying there in the dark thinking was productive, even though it feels miserable tossing around! Things I should have figured out the night before like what to wear to work, make for lunch, and how much time I could realistically get to work out, got figured out. After getting my sleepy teenage boys up for school, instead of doing my usual- climbing back in bed- I did my ab and arm routine. Not sure why I never used that time as wisely before today… Anyhow, that got done and I was able to get them out the door and hop on the bike for an hour of spinning… after a few of my morning household chores!

I’m itching to start running again. I actually want to attempt it tomorrow, and might since I’m able to pedal much stronger now, but the fear that I will strain the calf again and have to take more time off makes me want to wait. I should wait til the weekend like I originally planned. I’m just so impatient… It’s killing me not running. Really.
this one gets enough for both of us!
I do love sleep. Its really good for us!! But life is busy and sometimes that required 7 hours they say we should get just isnt feasible. Maybe I only need 6, but I hope to make up for this loss tonight!
**This post was written on the cell phone during my one hour workout on the bike (because I was feeling guilty for a few days of blog absence!)
Sleep… I say it’s for pussies (to make myself feel better). 😉
How much sleep do you need?
How much sleep do you get?

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