Napa Valley Marathon ≠ 2 Miles

There is just 2 more days to the Napa Valley Marathon. Mid-week I was feeling as though I could pull this marathon off—running super slow. Yesterday at work I was having some calf pain, but this morning it felt better. So, per my plan, I attempted my last run on my treadmill. Three…er… easy miles. The first two went rather well but I was thinking about my foot strike the entire time. I ran a 12-minute pace, comfortable. Then, my mind started to drift off to what I was going to wear Sunday, as it will be a bit warmer than I originally was planning for, and that’s when it happened. The squeeze. My calf or the area just below it got tight. I slowed to a walk and hoped to walk it out. I got off the treadmill and stretched it a few seconds. Then walked for about half a mile or so and then resumed running even slower–4.8 mph. I think at the marathon there may be walkers who might pass me at that speed!

I’m not sure what is going to happen at the marathon this Sunday. I will go and do what I can. 26.2 miles is a long way to walk… I want to run. I want to cross the finish line, but after today’s dismal workout, this marathon might simply be a 5K for me. I guess I’ll take each mile as it comes.

Wish me luck… I’m gonna need it!


4 thoughts on “Napa Valley Marathon ≠ 2 Miles

  1. Tita says:

    Good luck out there tomorrow! I’ll be amidst the pack of 2300 too.

  2. It’s horrible to hear that you have pain popping up after all that time training and so close to your first marathon. And I know it’s probably hard to think about anything else.

    I had something similar happen to me last summer when my shin splints started up in the weeks leading up to my second marathon. All I can say is that on race day, I had so much adrenaline going that I didn’t feel much of anything. I lathered up with Biofreeze and hit the road.

    I really hope the same thing happens for you. Can’t wait to hear how you do! I’m sure you’ll do awesome…

    • It’s a real drag that is for sure! This race won’t be the fun race I was hoping it to be, but a real challenge. I’m hoping the adrenaline kicks in Sunday and I don’t feel it like your race! Thanks for the well wish!! 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    Good luck!! You’ll do great!!

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