4 Weeks To Napa… Training Run

Ferry To Ferry 
Team Kick Ass, my Napa Valley Marathon team did a fantastic run today. From Marin Country, we took the first morning ferry (9:40) to San Francisco. It was a gorgeous day for February. Last year on this weekend (and it was also happening today) I ran my first half marathon, the Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Half Marathon. Boy, I’ve come a long way since then… Last year it was an even hotter day. I remember just dying as a newbie racer. Today went a bit better and much longer… 19 miles!

ferry ride to san francisco-a gorgeous day
famous sights... alcatraz and the golden gate bridge--how lucky am I?

This was my first time running with these men, and on the ferry we had plenty of time to get acquainted. They got to listen to me talk all about last weeks Super Spartan race. Yeah… they think I’m a stud. 😉 LOL. You can tell we were heading into a long run with all our water bottles and fuel belts. I, as always, was decked out in my Athleta wear. After eyeballing the clothes for the entire day yesterday, I couldn’t help it and treated myself to a new outfit, the Swagger skort, the Wonder Wicket tank (which is super wicking) and another Piccolo half zip. And of course my smart wool headband. I decided during the last mile of the run that the skort will be what I wear for the marathon. It was super comfy and so stylish. I love how their clothes help motivate me to run. Think the boys liked it too. 😉

from left: jack, johann, kurt, maili and our fearless warrior and woman of wisdom, sonja

The run through the Embarcadero and Marina Green up to the Golden Gate Bridge was familiar as I did that run for the Giants Run last August, a half marathon I plan to do again this summer, and I ran the Golden Gate Bridge after my first half this time last year. The bridge is so noisy, it was a no conversation zone. And the rest of the run was similar to the 18-miler I wrote about three weeks ago. All familiar territory, but a new run. It was a great route and I recommend it to anyone looking to run that far. My only complaints would be a bit touristy and, sorry cyclists, but some of you were incredible rude, especially in the Marina and across the crowded Golden Gate Bridge. I actually called one passer a jerk. Seriously… why do cyclists feel so entitled to own the road?? And why on earth do you have to pass as close to us runners as possible when there is about 6 feet of path to our left??? Come on!!!

Anyhow… I’m pretty tired from the run, my legs felt heavy and I’m sure it’s due to the fact that I didn’t get much rest after the Spartan Race last weekend. (It was the Spartan Run that got me through the last four miles… I did my ‘self talk’ as usual, little plug words to keep me motivated and mentally strong… today I added, ‘you are Spartan Strong, you can do this!!’)  Unfortunately, for now, there is no room for rest until after March 4th. After Napa, I will get to rest. Between now and then, it’s stay focussed and figure out why my feet (arches) are so sore. Maybe it’s just wear and tear and all the milage, or maybe, even though I had on a new pair of my same shoes I’ve been wearing since last summer- my Brooks Trance, I may need to find a different shoe. Last week at the Spartan Race, I wore different shoes, a super cheap pair of Nike’s, that I donated after the race. Interestingly, I had zero pain, both in my feet and calfs. I want to run without post run pain if it is possible, so this week I will figure it out, hopefully before next Sunday’s 20 mile run. Maybe Nike shoes are in my near future?

finished! maili, jack, me, sonja, johann and kurt

One final note: Every time I finish a long run about thirty minutes later my pointer finger on my right hand goes numb and turns white… and whiter and… it scares me and then I massage it and get the blood flowing and take a hot shower and it goes away. It is odd… why only that one finger?? WTF? Anyone have a clue?

the white finger... loss of circulation, but why?
the route

Today Michele was out running with Team Kick Ass… 19 miles in 3h:25m:03s using Endomondo. via Endomondo Running Workout.

In four weeks: Napa Valley.

Right now: Time for a beer.


3 thoughts on “4 Weeks To Napa… Training Run

  1. Great day for a run in SF for sure! I am also training for Napa, ran the miserable Kaiser Half last year, and ran a much more pleasant Kaiser Half this year. One week left to push then we get to cruise in taper. Good luck on your 20-miler.I’ll be tackling a 6+16 miler for my grand finale. Let’s do this!!

  2. I could be making this up, but your finger thing could be stemming from your elbow… I used to get numbness in my pointer and middle finger and my PT friend explained that there is a nerve that runs from your elbow to those two fingers… just a guess. And our KICK ASS elbows were bent for a LONG ASS time today!!

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