In Life… There Is No Course Map

Sometimes there are good runs and sometimes there aren’t. My long run today wasn’t. My SmartCoach plan had me running twenty miles, but I decided to do less (just fourteen) because one of my Marathon team mates, Sonja, cautioned me to not overtrain the other night when we had dinner (I still have two more 20 mile runs in the next few weeks-it’s an ambitious plan). I took her words to heart and frankly, I have been feeling rather tired. I think it’s due to the crummy weather: desperately needed rain. It’s been a dry winter!

toughed out 14 on the mill

The Inherited Worry-Wart Gene
I inherited the worry-wart gene from my mom.  She worries about everything! Fortunately for me, I only worry about some things. As I ran today, inside, on my treadmill, I felt the worry of a thousand men on my back. It made for a stressful run. I chose to run inside today because of the gloomy rainy weather and because I didn’t have anyone who wanted to or was available to run long in the inclement conditions. I usually love my treadmill. But not today. Fourteen miles is the max amount I have ever done on the treadmill. Last time it was kinda fun. Today it was a slow torture.

The worrisome thoughts begin with my cat.  She has something going on in her mouth and has been miserably meowing and grinding her teeth since yesterday. She is going to be seeing the dreaded vet tomorrow. Then there is my foot. The arch is rather achey (been 2 weeks now) and it feels like there may be more going on there than I want to know. I plan on getting that looked at Wednesday, but at this very moment 10 p.m. it doesn’t hurt as much as before. There’s my love life (or lack there of) which is all I have to say about that. Finally, and most importantly, the Spartan Race which is next weekend. This Race (8 miles, 8 obstacles) overshadows all the other stressors at the moment and I am hoping my runs will resume to normal afterwards when it is over. I am sure that if I wasn’t running in a marathon six weeks from now I wouldn’t be this worked up over the Spartan Race. It’s a shame really, because I do want to do it and it should be a blast. I just need to relax.

Spartan Girly-Girl
I signed on to do the Spartan Race right after I finished the Rock N’ Roll Vegas half. I was still on the race high when I was asked and it seemed like a perfect and fun way to break up my Marathon training. It fit perfectly in my running schedule. I am scheduled to run 7 miles that Sunday and the race is eight. So when my girlfriend Beth asked me, I ambitiously said “Yes!” Now we are a week out and I am stressing over it big time. I’ll admit, I don’t like surprises, so participating in a race where they say “If you need a course map, this isn’t the race for you”, well, I think… maybe it isn’t. I like to be prepared for things and I like to succeed when I do them. I like to know exactly what I am getting myself into, what the events are and how I will tackle them. All I know of this race is, it’s going to be muddy, wet and a challenge. I know in past races they have crawled through mud under barbed wire (I think I can handle that one) and jumped over fire. I am sure there will be walls to scale. Hopefully there will be a rope. But I hear that is what the team mates are for.

throw away shoes for muddy race

This morning when I woke up the first thought in my head was, “I wonder if that waterproof eyeliner and waterproof mascara I have would come off during the Spartan Race if I wear it?” Right there you know, I’m a girly girl. Yesterday I was bringing in the garbage cans and I had to walk through some pretty big rain puddles on the backyard gravel. I gingerly tip-toed through it trying to avoid getting my shoes (the ones I’m using for the Spartan Race!) wet. All I thought was… “God… how am I going to manage this muddy obstacle race?” I mean, ME… really? I hate camping, getting dirty and messy hair. I NEVER leave the house without some small amount of make up on! What have I gotten myself into?

team Got2bFit outfit

Team Got2bFit
This past week I have tried to get pumped up about the Race. I even went out and bought our team outfit for everyone. That really helped. All eight of us will be looking sporty for sure. I have already expressed to the team that I don’t want to do anything that has the potential to injure myself. Personally, I don’t want to get hurt and blow my chance to do the Napa Valley Marathon five weeks later. Thankfully they were all in agreement. We want to have fun. I have every intention of having fun, laughing our asses off and getting… ugh, dirty. These outfits will be full-on muddy which makes it kind of funny we chose a white tank top. But like the shoes, for me these are throw away clothes. The entire outfit (from Old Navy) was less than $20!! I must say though, I do really like the compression capri pants. I might have to wash those and see what happens.

Everyone I have told has said “wow, that race sounds so fun! I wish I was doing it!” That gets me a little pumped. I wish I was feeling that sort of excited spirit that they express. What I am excited about is visiting my friend Beth and spending time with her. I’m excited about a weekend away in warmer climes, San Diego. I’m excited to go horse back riding. Maybe more so than the race itself I think! I love horse back riding!

A Leap of Faith
Just like in life, this race is about taking a leap of faith and knowing that everything is going to be fine and that you have to trust that it will. Trust is hard for me. I feel like I’ve been let down so many times that trust has given way to me becoming a bit of a control freak. If I can take care of it, be in charge, than I won’t have disappointment. Not knowing exactly what is in store for me at the Spartan Race means I have to trust that I will come out the other end of it okay. And I know I will. I will have Beth, and our team of incredible women who also want to challenge themselves. They are all inspiring, each with their own tale to tell I’m sure and I am looking forward to meeting them and experiencing this once in a lifetime, scratch off my bucket list and quite possibly life changing event. It will be a true test of our mental and physical strength and endurance. Most importantly, it will be a lesson for me, that life, like this race, has no course map. We take it as it comes and do our best to make it to the finish.


One thought on “In Life… There Is No Course Map

  1. You will do great! D was nervous about the Tough Mudder but afterward said that the 10k trail race we did in Santa Cruz was much harder. You guys will kick ass!

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