Team Kick Ass

What’s In A Name?
Today I did my long run with two of my Napa Valley Marathon teammates. I have only run with Shanna one other time, on a 10 mile group run, and we got along very well. Today her husband, Maurizio, was accompanying us and I was glad because it was the first time in a week I didn’t have to carry my pepper spray or the worrisome thoughts of running alone. Finally after a week of recalling the horrible story and disappearance of Sherry Arnold, the runner who went missing a week ago in Montana and was abducted and is now presumed dead, a chance to run feeling remotely safe. My heart has been heavy all week thinking of her, so I’m glad I was running with others this time. It still saddens me though. Until this run today, I didn’t know that Maurizio would be running the Napa Marathon with us. The more the merrier I say! While we were running I told them we needed a team nickname and that Sonja had suggested Team Sexy and that I thought of Team Badass. Then she said Kick Ass and that seemed funny and appropriate. So we, Me, Shanna, Maurizio, Sonja, Maili and Johann will be Team Kick Ass this March in Napa.

Fort Baker

Today we ventured out on a new course and it was awesome. We ran from my hometown to just below the most spectacular setting in the Bay Area, the Golden Gate Bridge. Prior to getting there we had veiws of San Francisco all along the waterfront in Sausalito. It wasn’t as super a sunny day as we’ve been having all week, but the slightly cooler temperatures afforded us a comfortable run.

Our plan was to run out 7.5 miles and then head back for a total of 15. My training plan called for an 18 mile run today. Initially Shanna didn’t want to go that far. But her very Italian and new to running husband coaxed us into the extra mileage and we were feeling good, so no complaints. Thus, we ended up running the 18 or just slightly over. My tracker said 18.5, but I think it added a bit when we stopped midway for a potty break.

I’m Glad She Did It First!
Towards the end of the run Shanna let out a giant belch. That actually made me happy. Even though we chatted about how gross it is when some runners have to spit all the time (we just didn’t get it) and how I have to constantly wipe my nose (usually with my gloves) which is running as much as me, sometimes we can’t help but throw in an occasional unlady like behavior. Whenever I eat I want to burp, and if I don’t my stomach starts to feel nauscious. So I was happy that she (a petite pretty blonde woman) let out an explosive belch. I smiled to myself and knew I could go there (burp) when I’m with her next time.

We had a few hills on this run. I don’t usually like them, but Shanna is a hill superstar. Somehow today I was able to conquer them better than I ever have. I think I was inspired by the company. At the end of our run with about a mile and a half to go, we had one last hill and I said… There is the light at the end of the tunnel. It was all downhill, so to speak, from there. At the top I felt like a rock star and wanted to suggest we be called Team Rock Stars. It doesn’t sound that good rolling off the tongue though, so Kick Ass still gets my vote. We are Team Kick Ass. That is what we are going to do at this marathon–KICK ASS!!

Today’s Tip via my SmartCoach:
Hills are your friend. “Finish some of your long runs by running a long hill at the end. I finished a 23-miler before New York with a three-mile climb–and it got me ready for miles 20 to 26 at the race,” says elite runner Josh Rohatinsky


Running your long runs with a training group is great. It made the time go by so quickly, they push you to do more than you thought you could and now this run made the marathon seem doable. So far, eight hours later, I feel pretty good (aside from 2 blisters on my toes…er smartwool??), still have energy too, enough to write this blog! Now 18 miles is my longest run ever! Next week the schedule says 20 and we are expecting rain! Stay tuned…


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