Move Over Jesse James… There’s A New Kid In Town.

high five!

Taking Back My Power
Today I broke the seal, opened up the plastic container and pulled out the pepper spray—finally! I scanned the directions which were pretty simple: slide the device over your hand with the sprayer nestled in the palm of your hand. It’s Velcro strap fits snug but not tightly, and is adjustable, around the back of your hand, therefore omitting the necessity of having to physically “hold” it. That made me happy. It was extremely lightweight, less than a lipstick. I gave it a shake and could hear the swish of the noxious liquid contents. At least it hadn’t evaporated over the past year while it lay dormant on my dresser. I headed out the door—it’s a gorgeous day!—for my favorite six mile loop through town.

The realization that I was running with this protective device made me feel very powerful. (I really didn’t even notice it much and compared to my other hand holding my cell phone, it was like carrying a feather.) In the western days, gunslingers always knew not no one was gonna pull any crap on them. In these milder times, I now felt the same way. I am ready and I will not hesitate to use it. It sprays up to 15 feet. Aim right for their eyes in a horizontal sweeping motion. If some prick tries to pull any crap on me… well… he better think twice!! I will follow up the blinding of his sorry ass eyes with a swift kick to his family jewels then take off and dial 911!

You can find the Jogger at Safety Girl. And while you are there… you might just want to add another for your purse. It looks like a lipstick holder (clever), comes in six snazzy colors (I got red!) and is only $6.99. For under twenty bucks you can walk more safely in this crazy world where you just can’t trust anyone anymore.

One more review… I love the gloves I’m wearing with the high tech smartphone finger pads. I got mine as a Christmas gift. My gloves are made by NorthFace, but similar gloves are sold everywhere. They even work through the plastic sleeve I put my phone in during my runs. Will make calling 911 that much quicker! 😉

I’m really excited to get out there and run wherever and whenever I want. No one is stopping me now!


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