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Victory Loves Preparation
Last night I watched The Mechanic starring sexy Jason Statham, and while running my first mile today, the above Latin inscription on the gun — Victory Loves Preparation — from the movie popped in my head. I was so thankful that I had used two safety pins on my tune-belt to flatten down the tabs that were sticking out looking rather unfashionable. Unfortunately I had to resort back to that unfashionable look because the damn belt was slipping up to my waist and bouncing around as soon as I started going. In my first mile I managed to stop to adjust it not once, not twice but three frickin’ times!!! The third time I angrily threw my water bottle onto a bench I was so irritated! I wanted to throw the stupid tune belt to the side of the path. I ended up cinching the belt super tight on my hips and securing the belt to my run skirt with the pins. Ugly unfashionable flaps were back and sticking out, but a small price to pay when you want to have a smooth carefree run. I was irritated and kinda bummed and still had 9 miles to go. Anger = fuel and I ran that second mile at a 7:45 pace, my fastest mile to date. I hadn’t even realized this until the end of my run and was pleased.

A Week of Tests
The past week has been a week of trial and error in preparation for my 1/2 marathon next weekend in Vegas. I am so excited to go, but with that excitement is a flurry of anxiety to make sure that I have my race prep figured out. This race is different in a few ways. One, I have never run a race far away from home, so I have to make sure I have everything I need in place and packed! Secondly, this race is going to be at night, in the desert, and it will be cold. Just because it’s Vegas doesn’t mean it is going to be warm. Quite the contrary. I hear it will be in the forties, and those are temperatures that I am not accustomed to running in. Hence, the tests for run comfort and warmth began.

As mention above, I have a “tune” belt. It is just shy of being an ugly fanny pack (something  I abhor to wearing) and completely dorky, as it is something you clip around your waste. I got it for the sole purpose of being able to carry my cell phone worry free with me during the race. I will need my phone to find my mom after the race amidst the 44,000 participants plus their families and friends. I admit it has also come in handy on long run days. But today, it didn’t hold true to it’s claim of “never rides up”. That is all it was doing within the first eighth mile. For my 1/2 marathon, that simply will not do. I don’t want to waste time fiddling with it and if it happens then, I WILL TOSS IT!

After I had secured it with the pins I told myself that it’s because I have lost weight and that is why I needed to tighten it. That tidbit of psychobabble seemed to appease my irritation with it: “Yeah… I lost a couple inches around that section of my hips in just the last week, with the Thanksgiving Holiday pig fest… of course!!” Right!

Last week when I did my long run it was raining. I don’t anticipate rain the day of my race in Vegas, but will probably pack my rain jacket in case. I had on many layers that day (including the tune belt with no issues) and actually had my best 10 mile run time ever. I wasn’t even trying. It certainly lifted my spirits. That means I am likely to run even better at the race. I hope.

I’m worried about the cold but after reading a post from a fellow Vegas half runner and resident via twitter… she had some suggestions regarding the night run. One was wearing arm warmers. They were something I was already thinking about, so I did go out the day after the rain run and buy some. So came the next test.

Thursday morning I ran a Turkey Trot 10K. I wasn’t running it for time, but to have fun with my Marin Social Running Group and friends. Plus, a run was in order with the heavy meal to follow that afternoon. But let me back up to the night before. I had worked all day Wednesday and then was starved. I had plans to meet some friends at a local restaurant for a holiday drink and a bite to eat. Even though I had eaten a little bit of turkey breast before I went out, I ended up ordering food I haven’t been eating in months. An orzo gouda mac and cheese washed down with a very much needed Manhattan; one of my favorite alcoholic beverages, made with whiskey and sweet vermouth. I haven’t been drinking much since I started my quest for eating clean food back in September and up until that night have been rather successful. Then my friend ordered pizza margarita and deep fried green beans. I indulged in the pizza (one small slice) and a few beans. It all tasted great, but deep down I knew I would pay for it. Instantly with heart burn. Then skip forward to the Turkey Trot. Thank you Lord for making it a drizzly morning… (that is sarcasm) and lucky me woke up with a headache and immediately downed some Ibuprofen. Not a good start. I also wanted to test out my outfit for the Vegas race. I learned quickly into the race that this was not going to be the outfit for Vegas. I was overheated and felt like a slug. I attribute that to two factors. Bad food/drink the night before and poor outfitting. I was wearing a workout tank top with a pull over hoodie, the arm warmers, rain jacket, gloves and a beanie. I also had on this really cute capri running pant with a skirt that’s attached. Of course the rainy weather dissipated the moment the race began. I spent more time stripping off my layers than running, but still managed to get a PR for the 10K. And the cute pants were sagging down while I ran!! Maybe I did loose more weight? But the main purpose was to test out my run gear which is what was most important. Now I needed to rethink my running attire for the race.

~ you wouldn't think going for a run would be this complex!

The next day I decided to go light. I don’t care how cold I feel when the race starts, I heat up quickly and so less is more. This time I went out in a skort, a bra top and a short cap-sleeve wicking top over that. Then arm warmers and gloves to finish. I did wear a warm fleece half-zip pullover to start and a headband. I also always wear calve compression sleeves so my legs will be warm enough. This run went very well and I am pretty much going to wear something very similar to that, but instead of the fleece pullover it will be a lightweight pullover wicking top. I also decided I’m going to bring a warm jacket (that sits in solitude unused in my closet) for the start and discard it when the race begins. Someone will benefit from it. Almost my entire outfit will be from Athleta. Note: I have to (and happily) plug them, as I recently started working there and even though I bought this entire outfit (pictured above) before I got my job or even considered working there, they do have really great gear!! And they are the nicest group of women to work with… I feel so lucky to know them and be part of that environment. 🙂

So I guess now I’m all set — wardrobe wise and food wise. I will not drink anymore alcohol from now until after the race and I will hydrate all week and stay away from fatty, deep fried, cheesy, nasty foods. I will pin my tune belt to my outfit before the race starts and then relax and enjoy the run. After all, even though I want a “victory” and PR, the whole point now is to go have fun! It’s Vegas Baby!!

Today’s tip via my SmartCoach:
After your long run, be sure to put your feet up and relax. Elevation (along with icing and compression) reduces swelling and soreness. Another option: Take a 15-minute ice bath that covers your legs and hips.

Todays Workout from RW Plan:
Long Run 
10 Mi at 10:32  Run 10 Mi at a pace of about 10:32 per mile — for a total time of 1:45:26. The pace of 10:32 is just a good guideline. Anything close to it is fine, as long as the pace feels comfortable. I am glad that I am running comfortably at a faster pace than my plan states. According to my Runner’s World 1/2 Marathon training plan (see previous post: Girl On A Mission) I should be able to achieve my goal of running a sub two hour race. Secretly, I’m hoping for even better. 🙂

Today I was out running 10.35 miles in 1h:36m:12s using Endomondo.


One thought on “Amat Victoria Curam

  1. Nice post…You are wise to use the arm warmers and gloves…I find that unless it is wet out arm warmers, gloves and a hat are pretty much all I need, and I can tuck them in a belt when it warms up…Good call…I’m enjoying following you to Vegas…You will tear it up…

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